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Shrimp genetics


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I'm currently setting up some shrimp breeding tanks and have have a little time to fill in waiting fo the tanks to settle in. To fill this time, I'm trying to learn as much as I can about genetics. Does anyone know of any links to sites containing information about shrimp genetics and selective breeding?



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if there was like here imke' date=' i'd like your post :)[/quote']

There is gbang, the little star icon lets you add reputation, with links like that it's well deserved!

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Happy you like it! I want to add another thing, as it happened to Monika who is running one of the best Tiger shrimp crossing projects in Germany (she calls it CRAZY TIGERS). She has lost a lot of shrimp from her population, as she selected them too early and the F-x suffered from minor, weak gens then. The shrimp for sure looked beautiful, but were not strong.

Here is her blog (maybe worth adding to the sub-forum?): http://www.doxon.de/blog/

I know from Taiwanese breeders that some do pond breeding with neocaridina, and select the best from a group of thousands. So, letting nature show all diversity first helps us to get good specimen. This also has been reported from Turkey, where a professional breeder raises Blue Tiger in big outdoor tanks. Shrimp are growing faster and bigger. However, one should not forget about the danger of neozon / invasive species, but that is another point.

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    • jayc
      Great shot of Big Mama!  I reckon, 1 week tops for hatching.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great photo and news. The eggs are fading yellow but there are eyes so all looking good and there are a lot of eggs! Probably about half way ready to hatch.
    • d3ss3n
      Let's hope the big mama can lay safely those eggs
    • jayc
      Sorry, I'm not in that area. 🙃   I prefer Glass tanks. Acrylic scratches way too easily. Often while cleaning algae off the sides. And once it's built up enough scratches, viewing gets obstructed.    Often going with LARGE tanks, you start to fall into custom built stands. So don't be surprised if you cannot find anything suitable.   
    • sdlTBfanUK
      The easiest way wouod be to go to an aquarium shop and get a tank with a cabinet made for that tank, as that should be able to support the weight, as water in any large quantity is very heavy. I suspect it would have to be a glass aquarium at that capacity, otherwise the plastic would have to be very thick. It is possible to use a non aquarium specific piece of furniture but as you say it is quite risky, though I did help a friend do that by strengthening a nice decorative piece of furniture they had that they wanted to put a 350L tank on. It has been doing the job for 10 years but also bear in mind water marks, and we had to varnish many coats to make sure water doesn't soak into the wood etc. Its not really worth it in reality, it cost a lot of money to buy all the wood/stuff to strengthen it so was probably no cheaper, and a lot of time doing it. It may be dearer to get a combo tank and stand but much much easier and safer, and only you can know what ones you llike the appearance of? I would start off going to local stores and seeing if they have any you like, and even if not it will give you ideas?
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