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Questions regarding calculating yield


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Hello Forum,

Since a couple of weeks i've been considering starting a little shrimp farm on my balcony in a container that would fit around 40 gallons of water. The amount of research i have done concerning the required material is still in it's starting phase since i have not found a manner that allows me to calculate how much shrimp i could expect to farm annually. This is important to me to decide whether the initial investments will be worth it and how quick they will be compensated for. If someone could give me his/her insights as to the size of the yield i can expect from this and the general financial value it would be attributed it would be highly appreciated. 

Kind regards,




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it can depend on the type of shrimp.

For Caridina shrimp, you can expect roughly around 20 shrimplets (rough estimate) per female, per clutch of eggs .

For Neocaridina, you can expect roughly 25 (rough estimate) per female, per clutch of eggs.

On average they can hold eggs twice a year. 

They maybe able to carry 5-6 clutches in their short lifetime. <- This is a gut feel count only. I have not sat around counting how many clutches my shrimps have carried over their lifetime.

This does not account for survival rates in the first 2 weeks after they hatch. The first 2 weeks, I find, are the most critical for their survival. The availability of food the shrimplets can eat is a major factor in their survival. Of course, the environmental factors are also important like water parameters and temperature.

I will let you do the math based on how many females you have.

The males are not a factor. 1 males can fertilise several females. So the ratio of male to female in a tank should favour the female shrimps, if you want to maximise breeding rates.

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