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Inflammation of the mandibles


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Hello, I have been experiencing a mortality problem for several months.
I realize that there is a problem on the mandibles the shrimp is weak eats little then the shrimp dies.
Do you have an idea ?

forum P3240320.JPG

P3240325 (2).JPG

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@fred-koi, great photos.

But sorry to hear you have issues with your shrimp.

What shrimp is this? 

It's showing signs of a bacterial infection. Are these brownish spots circled in red normally there?



How long have you had these shrimp? Bought recently?

What is your water parameters like? Temperature too, please.

Bacteria do better in warmer water, so make sure your tank is cooled.


Separate any shrimp that are showing signs like this shrimp - inflamed mandibles, and brown spots.

If you are brave enough to want to further treat these shrimp, have a look at the treatments for "Rust Disease" in the Disease and Diagnosis thread. No guarantee we will save this shrimp, but you can give it a go. 


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