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Hi all. its my first day here! Quick question re. Caridina.


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I have been breeding Neos for a while now with some good success. ive just gotten a racking system set up housing 24 aquariums that i plan to fill with shrimps. reading about genetics in relation to shrimp is seeming quite difficult to find. If there are any articles that would help me out, a share would be appreciated. Im mainly trying to understand the terms F1 F2 F3 ect. If someone has a simple explanation and if not simple, at least thorough i would be very grateful.

Seeing the posts and replies here make me very happy to be a part of a welcoming, polite and supportive community like this one. 



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Welcome to the forum!

Hopefully you enjoy your project and time on here and it all goes well.

Look forward to hearing more and ask away any questions!

This link should explain F1 etc,



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