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Im back with more drama


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Another shrimp has turned funny colors. I promise i reviewed jayc's list and googled but it doesnt seem to be muscular necrosis bc its not opaque. The four ghost shrimp in my planted 10g have all turned green in spots I'm assuming either from eating a bunch of algae or their true colors coming, but one has gone white at the edges. I thought maybe when he disappeared a few days ago he was molting, but he's back, unchanged. It doesn't seem to me like muscular necrosis because it didn't start at the tail move up and opaque out his body, and he's active as ever. I thought maybe a bacterial infection but it doesn't seem to be exactly matching, he gained green and isnt appearing opaque, like hes still clearish, and isnt acting sick. Like I said, he was hiding for a while, I'm going to go to the store in the morning and see what they offer for medicine and quarantine him (or all??) Any thoughts? The colored shrimp (red neo, yellow neo, black something or other) seem to be fine. Included one of the healthy ones for comparison. Im assuming hes sick. 



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It could be he is starting to molt, the colour isn't in the shell but in the flesh and the molted shell will be clear. I also can't see anything else obviously wrong!

The green may just be their colour or something they have eaten, as you stated. There are also some shrimp that can change colour, though I don't think these are those? Going green makes sense in a planted tank.

Unless you are convinced there is something wrong I would just keep an eye oon them. Quarantining and treating with meds will stress them anyyway, which may kill them and so you think they were sick (but they were healthy ones you killed) and everything then gets into a mess, and then you may need meds for stress! Try not to over react as that can be worse for all the parties involved.

Just be very vigilant for now and you can post here as much/often as you want.

Have you checked the water parameters, if they aren't right it could be he is having problems molting?

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It looks like the shrimp is about to moult. 

I don't keep Ghost shrimp, so I'm not too familiar with how they look when going into a moult. But the white band along each joint is common in other shrimp when they start to moult.

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    • jayc
      @fred-koi, great photos. But sorry to hear you have issues with your shrimp. What shrimp is this?  It's showing signs of a bacterial infection. Are these brownish spots circled in red normally there?   How long have you had these shrimp? Bought recently? What is your water parameters like? Temperature too, please. Bacteria do better in warmer water, so make sure your tank is cooled.   Separate any shrimp that are showing signs like this shrimp - inflamed mandibles, and brown spots. If you are brave enough to want to further treat these shrimp, have a look at the treatments for "Rust Disease" in the Disease and Diagnosis thread. No guarantee we will save this shrimp, but you can give it a go.   
    • fred-koi
      Hello, I have been experiencing a mortality problem for several months. I realize that there is a problem on the mandibles the shrimp is weak eats little then the shrimp dies. Do you have an idea ? THANK YOU
    • Avctasi
      Thank you both for your help, my newer tank that doesn’t have anything does have stratum and is heavily planted (some carpet plants like Monte Carlo, anubis, java ferns), parameters are good the only issue is the temp change.  My other tank where they are housed currently has sand, river stone pebbles, and a bunch of assorted plants (java moss, cabomba, ludwigs etc)  I haven’t thought of doing tiger shrimps but I may go into that route instead if this doesn’t work for crystals. Thank you guys again!  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      This is 'INSANE' and what happens when you get carried away in this hobby! PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR  PSYCHIATRIST FIRST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKH1ABcN6-g I would not want his electricity or water bills, let alone all the cost of the equipment.  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Putting the crystal shrimp in with neocaridina (cherr) means the setup will benefit one type more than the other and it looks like the tank is better suited to neocaridina. Neocaridina are more robust anyway, caridina are a lot more sensitive and therefore harder to keep. The parameters quoted are definitely off for caridina and better suited to the neocariidina! I'm sure that that is the reason for the deaths. You shouldn't need a heater if the house sits arount 74F (and it is unlikely to get so cold that it would kill your shrimp, especially with the other heat sources in the room) and the crystals would be ok at that sort of temperature, though the 80F is getting a bit warm for them, whereas neocaridina would be less affected by that higher temperature. Of course you also need to bear in mind how hot it will get during a really hot spell as even if they are doing well normally, if you even get a few days of over 80+ (in the aquarium though, not necessarily room temperature) that could wipe them out. You could try tiger shrimps as they are almost as tough and robust as cherry shrimps and require similar water parameters, and give a bit of variety? I'm not sure that I would try the caridina in your position due to the difficulty of keeping them and the extra costs involved, when it probably won't work?  
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