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Would Anyone be able to identify this phenotype of neocaridina?


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I'm fairly new to shrimp keeping but I am a seasoned fish keeper. I’ve been thinking of breeding shrimps for a while and have found interest in red galaxy fishbone boas. I have found a seller and he has sent me photos (please see them attached). I am still struggling to grasp the differences between what makes a shrimp a boa and not just a regular galaxy fishbone and so I was hoping to get some insight as to what I may be getting. As you probably know, these are not cheap shrimp and I’d just like to make sure I’m getting what I pay for. Thank you :). 




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Those are some gorgeous shrimp.

Try watching this video,


By the way, they are Caridina, not neocaridina shrimp. From having a look around I think the 'fishbone' is more about the well defined fishbone pattern down the back (higher quality ones not having any other marking/pattern on the body), but the boa variant has a less precise wishbone down the back and also has more spots/blotches all over. Your pictures appear to be boa! Pricewise they should be similar, though as you say, not cheap.

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