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Hey everyone!

I am a shrimp fanatic but am limited to only 1 type of shrimp. I currently have blue dream shrimp and I LOVE them! The are currently in a 20 gallon tank and a 10 gallon tank. 

Besides that I have 2 wonderful bettas that leave the fast-reproducing shrimp alone. 😃

I am so excited to to browse this forum and become part of the family. 😊

Thank you!

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I also have a male Betta with shrimps, though the shrimps were culls with wild type (brown blotchy) colour so I'm not sure if the betta really notices them much as the tank is densely planted. Betta are always a risk, my first one did eat shrimps (adults included) so the only way of knowing is by trial. Great to hear your betta are friendly with the shrimp, though I suspect they may snatch the odd shrimplet when they are very small.

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