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My Cherry is berried!! Parents look like a Yellow Rili and a blue velvet


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So it's that newbie back again!

My little baby banana has been growing fast! I guessed it was a female, and I guessed right, she had a moult and next thing I knew, she's berried!!

I'm so excited and wanted to chat about how I think mama is a yellow rili because looking at the chart I found on this site, posted by @McMerwe Farmsa while back, and looking closely at mama, she has that clear strip in the same spot as the yellow Rili, it looks just like her! And dad seems to be a blue velvet, I busted him doing the sexy dance recently.

Since I'm new and easily confused, can anyone help decipher what the babies could possibly look like?

p.s sorry for the terrible footage, of course the shrimp was in hiding after a moult and dropping her eggs.







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She certainly looks like a lovely yellow rili, not seen one of those before, very pretty!

I'm also a little confused, are you saying she has moulted and dropped the eggs after these photos? I hope not! If the eggs have been dropped then there won't be any babies unless you intervene, but even then, depending on whether the eggs were fertilized etc???? The babies hatch from the mother shrimps underside.

As regards any offspring from different coloured parents, they could be anything so it is best to wait and see, which also adds to the excitement/mystery/build-up of the whole event?

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Thanks! I got them locally, only knew my shrimp as Cherry/ Neocardina's and it's interesting to learn about the nuances in the breed and colouring.

Sorry! I mean she hides drops the eggs to her 'belly' for incubation after the sexy dance, at least that's what I read.


I'm so excited for the babies. I had 2 lots of babies from a Red and then a yellow, in Sep/Oct and I'm still not sure how many babies made it because I've seen as many as 10+ at once, and recently only 2-3 at once.. I'm hoping I didn't miss a bunch dying or something, but who knows. I'm definitely excited to have more shrimp!!

And the blue guy is dancing again, I just went to say goodnight to them, hehe.

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    • cocobean
      yeah i did hang some leaves , don't know why babies and small shrimps like to gathering there
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thats fantastic news, I would leave it where it is for a few more days to be sure and make it easier to keep an eye on it! I know the indian almond leaves have some antibacteria properties (?) maybe you should put a few in the main tank as it won't do any harm and may help. The tannin rich water won't be too difficult to clear with water changes at a later date either.
    • cocobean
      my first shrimp seems like recovered , my malachite green still in shipping so i did aquarium salt dip every other day i put 3 sick shrimp in seperate bowl 1 shrimp couldn't make it on first day (maybe shock from transferring) the second shrimp still alive but still same not changes anything i put several indian almond leaves in their bowl its makes heavily brown water like a tea. everyday i dip the shrimp in aquarium salt bath for every 3-4 mins (1 spoons of aquarium salt with 150ml water) today i noticed my first shrimp didn't have any green/yellow spot even the black spot already disappeared , is it safe to put the shrimp in main tank now? or i should quarantine for several days?
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Whatare those pellets you are adding, can you test one of those in water and see if it increases the TDS? I am assuming it is some kind of fertilizer for the plants? Also, how much old substrate did you use to 'seed' the tank as if it is old substrate that may be releasing stuff into the water? I wouls suspect those pellets to be your issue though!
    • Dirk De Bakker
      Only used disc's buffer and regulator the once.  The regulator kept taking the Ph up to 7 as it claimed it did.   Even Seachem USA didn't explain very well even though I was telling them I wanted a Ph in the low 6's.   I saw the TDS going up so stopped using both.  I haven't  added anything in the way of remineralizers since that first dose just straight RO.  The TDS just climbs of its own accord.  I think it must be just the Amazonia V2 giving me the headache.   Maybe its the secondary additional pellets they included in the Amazonia mix.   I haven't tried Disc's buffer alone at this stage and at the moment can't  see the need.  The Ph seems to be about right and is holding steady at 5.8 to 6.0 happy with that its been stable for days now.  Ammonia is 0,  Nitrite 0, Nitrate is very slightly up but not excessive.  KH is 0, GH is 3 or slighly above.    No rocks only 2 small pieces of wood that came out of my PRL holding tank.   These 2 pieces of wood I tested for 24 hours in a bucket with no TDS increase.  I have done numerous and I mean numerous straight RO water changes daily for several times now.  I can get it down to around TDS 115 mark with the changes but it creeps up overnight again and keeps going up daily.  Tank has been running for about 6 weeks minimum and was seeded with substrate about 4 weeks ago from an established older tank (years old).              
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