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Also wondering if aquarium shrimp do use status stones, where would they place them? Have read they place them somewhere on head and have also heard they place them somewhere on tail.

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      It seems a bit unlikely that it would be a bacteria infection if one group are unaffected in the same tank. Was the supplier a reliable 'shrimp' source? It may be worth getting some new shrimp from somewhere else, even if they are low quality cheapies as a trial, that would give you a bit more to go on??? I would have expected even the blue bolts to get sick if it were a bacterial infection??? I can't advize on the treatment dosage, but hopefully someone else can! I still have 10 chilli rasbora doing well in that old TB tank so it is still being used, the killie died after about 1.5 years, but that was to be expected and nothing unusual.
    • beanbag
      Oh, so regarding the oxytetracycline dosing... My bottle of powder only mentions a first dose, but doesn't mention what to do on subsequent days, except where it mentions mixing into food and "feeding for 14-21 days".  (That seems really long) These are the instructions from the SKF sticky: "Dose the required amount on first day. Then 50% water change on 2nd day and dose again. Then 30-40% water changes for the next 2 days and then did another full dose and left it. Waited 2 days and another 30% water change." This doesn't look like a standard prescription, where usually they will have you dosing every day???
    • beanbag
      My water is from a RO unit and then remineralized. Yes, all the shrimp came from one person in two batches a year apart. In both cases, some RWP died off a few months in, some lived a full life. Of their babies (RWP, blue bolt, Shadow panda), there's the same problem where RWP and Shadow panda are affected, but blue bolt are not. Edit: Sorry to hear about your situation.  Hope you can get the tank going again eventually and post more pictures.  They were very inspirational for me, and many others I'm sure.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have been through your posts and have a couple of queries (sorry if you have already said and I missed it). What water source are you using? Did all the shrimps come from the same supplier? It is certainly odd that one variety of shrimp does well but others don't?? I feel your frustration though as I gave up with the shrimps in my TB tank after the heater disaster, as you know! I may be moving at some point and would then try again with the TB as I would have to shut down the tank anyway at that point, and I have the new substrate.....
    • beanbag
      no, what it does is kill off all the shadow panda and rwp, leaving only blue bolts. I haven't been able to achieve that nice mixed bee tank like you had.
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