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How to Keep Different Neocaridina Shrimp Species in one Tank without Mixing them together

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Shrimp Mania

In this video I'm going to show you a cool method of keeping two different neocaridina shrimp in one tank without mixing them. I show you how I separate small colony of yellow cherry shrimp from blue dream shrimp by using small breeding box.


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Beautiful shrimp you have there and some good advice! Great videography also.


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Shrimp Mania

Thank you Simon! Happy to hear this

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Shrimp Mania
Posted (edited)
On 5/9/2021 at 8:25 AM, sdlTBfanUK said:

Beautiful shrimp you have there and some good advice! Great videography also.



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    • Lovlea
      By Lovlea
      Hi new shrimp owner here. I’ve read and done lot of research. I’ve had them for only a short time before the 3 females I have became berried all at once. One is an orange and she has a full batch of yellow eggs. I have a clear, with red saddle and tail and a little yellow. She has a small 4 eggs batch (assuming because she’s new to the tank or a new mom) and then this beauty (as seen pictured. When I read about egg color they are yellow or green. Can someone tell me about these blue eggs? The male is all black. 

    • Macronano
      By Macronano
      Hi - I'm wondering if anyone can explain what went wrong with my shrimp tank!
      Although the parameters for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite were good in my small tank, the pH was high (8.2). This remained constant over a couple of months, so I thought it was ok. GH & KH were 6.
      Then a couple of weeks ago the red nose shrimp, them this week the cherry shrimp and finally the nerite snails, died. I couldn't figure out the problem. Then today I emptied the tank. It was up on a bookshelf so normally I can't smell the water. Today when I siphoned it out I could smell a very strong chemical smell and the taste (a quick sampling when I siphoned), was tangy. Not like the earthy smell and neutral taste of the other shrimp tank I have. 
      Any ideas what it could have been?
    • abbytherookiehuman
      By abbytherookiehuman
      hey everyone so i know this is a shrimp forum but im betting that most of the people on here have fish too 
      im a school student and ive decided  to design a new breeder box that beats the flaws of other existing products for my major work
      i was hoping you guys could just reply with what method or model of breeder box you use to save your fry, what kind of fish you use it with and any pros and cons of these methods
      thanks in advance for any replies. 
    • Flynn002
      By Flynn002
      Hi, I am doing a project for my college course:
      How does temperature affect the number of fry a cherry shrimp produces?
      I have setup a small 18L nano tank and it’s currently cycling. When ready, I am planning on taking 1 male and 1 female cherry shrimp from my main shrimp tank and putting them in the new tank. and waiting until I see eggs. I will then remove the male and when the eggs have hatched, or when the babies are big enough to see, I will count them. 
      I will then repeat this with different temperatures.
      it seems like it will all work in theory and I have 1 year to do this so time is not an issue. The only issue I see is that I’m unsure how Will I accurately count the fry? 
      This is vital for my project and if anybody has ideas I would greatly appreciate it. 
      cheers :)
    • Mirri
      By Mirri
      New to shrimp keeping and trying my best! I think water parameters are OK, have live plants, filter, light on a timer, heater and RO water with weekly water changes and testing. Fed 2x a week 1 ball per shrimp of 'shrimp enhancer ' supplement (calcium and magnesium in etc) but 2 shrimpies have an issue... sort of discoloured/opaque orangey bit on their backs.
      Can't find anything similar in pics so hoping for diagnosis and way to fix please!!
      ps. Apologies for crap picture, phone won't focus!
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    • ineke
      Hi Crabby, I’ve been popping in and out quite often and answered a few questions here and there .  Im glad to have been of so assistance to fellow shrimp keepers over the years.  It’s a bit sad to see the forum so quiet. We were a very active and friendly bunch over the years. Helping each other out, giving away shrimp to new members who showed interest. Even playing games between us and generally having fun while learning about our new hobby. As to my tank the reason I queried about the spike of ammonia is mainly because if you play with substrate , move it around etc you can cause a small spike. As my substrate had been outside for quite some time I fully expected it to take a week or so to go through a mini cycle. I’m pleasantly surprised that it still isn’t showing any change just the tiniest bit of nitrate so tomorrow i will catch out 20 culls I have in my pond outside and see how they go. I need a reasonable number because it’s a big tank - if I only put 1 or 2 in I might never see them. I’m wanting to put all my black pinto, galaxy and Taitibees into the tank plus some Blue Bolts and Steel Blues. I will also put my Bloody Mary’s in for a contrasting colour. I only have 3 tanks now so it’s a bit hard to do proper selective breeding but as all my shrimp are hybrids it doesn’t really matter about mixing them. That leaves a tank for my Red pintos and Taitibees and a tank for fancy Tiger patterns and Blue Diamonds. That should keep me happy again.🥰
    • Crabby
      Hi Ineke! I must say, I was pretty surprised to see a post from you, it’s always pretty interesting to see a past member come back to the forum. Some of your posts were really helpful to me when I was getting started with shrimp, so thanks!   I think I would personally wait a week to be sure, but to be honest, I can’t see any reason for an ammonia spike. If the substrate has already run for 4 months, and you have 4 fully cycled filters, I reckon you should be fine. Definitely go culls first though. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I uderstand your concern, it is concerning! You are probably just going to have to ride this out, as JayC, add another filter and bacteria, the bacteria you will just have to buy what the shop has and give that ago? Do as thorough vac as you can, moving things out of the way where you can. Keep up with water changes as well as that will reduce the ammonia etc, but add new water slowly. Simon
    • ineke
      Thanks Simon . I just needed someone else’s thoughts. I will pop a few culls in over the weekend if the ammonia hasn’t spiked. Better to be over cautious than sorry. It just didn’t seem right that there was no spike but I guess 2 large canisters full of bacteria are a big help too. I will let you know how the culls go after the weekend.  As you say sometimes things just go right but not very often when you have TB type shrimp involved 😳 No not really I’ve been very lucky over the years with no actual disasters with my shrimp.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I would thnk everything is ok as the sustrate was used and passed the point it may cause a spike, but just check it for a week (occassionally ammonia/nitrite/nitrate, you could leave it for the week but I would prefer the extra peace of mind you will have from more frequent testing for this week) and try some culls now to be on the safe side! Using the old water will have helped, undoubtedly! There doesn't sound like anything mentioned would cause anything other than what you have seen, but I understand your concern, rarely does everything go so well in this hobby, but with your years of experience and from your post all looks great - I will however keep my fingers crossed................ It is always great to have past members return and hear how it is going? I have read many of your old posts with interest. Simon
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