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Has anyone made DIY remineralizer for sulawesi shrimp?


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Has anyone successfully made a DIY remineralizer like Jay's one but for sulawesi? I'm interested to know, because if possible I too would want to make my own, but if nobody has experience with it, I'll get the Salty Shrimp mineral for sulawesi.

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Josh, I use Salty Shrimp 8.5. Although it's harder to dissolve, I've been successful by first mixing the remineralizer with 1 quart of carbonated water and allowing it to set for 24 hours, stirring occasionally. Then adding RODI water to fill a five gallon bucket. Add CO2 for 48 hours while heated and covered.

If you are raising ONLY Cardinal Sulawesi you can use the Salty Shrimp 7.5.

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