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Two tanks.


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Hi, I've been keeping red cherry shrimp only since last October and had some success in my Nano Cube. I started off with ten shrimp and now have around a hundred. I got so many that I decided to get another tank a bit bigger and to keep shrimp in there as well. I transferred around 20 shrimp to the new tank after cycling and checking the water parameters. Here's the thing, the water in my Nano is now cloudy and I can't seem to clear it. I've stopped using my tap water which has a TDS of around 430 and started using RO water. Everything thrived when the TDS was really high but now I have the cloudy water issue. The shrimp in the Nano are still very active there's loads of babies whereas the shrimp in the larger tank are slow moving and fairly lethargic. I have an active substrate in both tanks.

Should I just leave well alone with the cloudy water, I've changed my filter media, and will the shrimp liven up when they settle? They've been in for around two weeks now. Thanks for any advice.

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The 2 cloudy water I have had is Green, which is an algae bloom so the water is probably too 'rich' due to overfeeding etc, or White, which is a bacteria bloom, and that usually only happens with a new tank that is cycling. It would be a good idea to have the old and new filter media in the tank (for 2 weeks) when you change them as the new one won't have any bacteria. 

The newer tank won't be as settled as the older one so may not have much biofim? Have you reduced the feeding in the old tank to allow for the reduction in number of shrimps? Are you using zerowater and GH/KH+?

I wouldn't worry too much if you aren't losing any shrimp, they may just take a while to get used to their new home and feel safe, they feel safer with larger numbers so it makes sense that the small tank with lots of shrimp is more active. I assume the water parameters are the same in both tanks?


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Thanks Simon, the cloudiness is green and I think it is due to overfeeding. I have two filters in each tank, sponge and corner filters. I’ve stopped feeding the small tank for a few days as there’s loads of biofilm for the shrimp and it does appear to be clearing slowly. 
I’ll be patient and see how the tank develops. 
Thanks again,


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    • jayc
      Great idea! Please document your journey here. I have no experience with marine shrimps, so cannot help you. But what you have listed above seems like a sound plan to get started.   
    • sdlTBfanUK
      That sounds like a fun project and look forward to hearing how it goes!  Hopefully someone will have some useful advice/tips etc? 
    • Crabby
      I have an idea. And considering I’m terrible at being concise, I’m sure it’s gonna take me a while to explain it.   Essentially, I want to do a nano marine rockpool tank, with just crustaceans and molluscs (and perhaps a seastar or two). And I really don’t know how plausible it is, but I’m pretty intent on finding out. I don’t know if anyone here has any experience with marine shrimp, but I figured I may as well see if any of the Aussies here are familiar with the shrimp I want to keep. So this species of shrimp is actually the species that got me into the hobby! I found them on a camping trip, and they were just so active and engaging, and I just fell in love. Then I went home, did a bunch of research, and got an aquarium. They’re part of the reason why I’m so interested in shrimp. Now I’m on holidays again (in a different place in Vic) and they’re everywhere in the tide pools. Millions. The species is ‘palaemon serenus’, the red-handed shrimp, and they grow to about 6cm for big females (which I discovered last night) and I think 3-4 for males. Just from observation. They live primarily in colonies of 10-30 under rocks during the day, venturing out when they feel safe, and going everywhere once it gets dark. They’re omnivorous, eating pretty much everything they can get their little claws on (including my fingers and toes). They look rather like freshwater macrobrachium, to be honest. I’ve had a look and it’s legal to collect from this location. There aren’t limits on anything I want to collect. So, I’m thinking I’d do a 20 litre tank for the meantime (until I can get some awesome 30ish litre low-boy tank). I’ve got one at home that could be set up as soon as I’m back. If I take home a big rock and sand, then I should have beneficial bacteria sorted, as well as a food source. The rock would have plants and a bit of algae and all the other good stuff you find on the rocks they like. Other than using salt for water changes, I’d run the tank like a freshwater tank - sponge filter for filtration, freshwater light, no heater, fortnightly or monthly water changes. I’d love to add a couple little fish if I can catch them, but I have no idea how to identify whether they’ll grow or not. Same deal with the majority of crabs (although I have ID’d a few species that would work). And unfortunately no nudibranch either… although I found the CUTEST little one last night. They’re apparently super specialist in terms of diet, and I don’t have the time to observe one for hours to see what it eats, ID it, work out how to cultivate it, and all that. So, that’s the plan. I would love any advice, recommendations, or criticisms you have. I understand there’s a good chance this could be too ambitious, and the well-being of the animals is number 1 priority, so if it sounds like it’s a bad idea then I’ll just scrap it. But I’m pretty keen on finding out a way to make this work.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have had fungus each time I set up a new tank, but it has always just disappered on its own after a month or two, and has been varied in appearance each time!
    • Dirk De Bakker
      Had a go searching / feeling throught the substrate for the tabs but no luck.  They might have dissolved or become soggy so I can't  feel them.  I have a bucket sample of substrate brewing at the moment for a 24 hour test and its already steadily rising the TDS.   Looks like a just wait and see...... Thanks for all the help as ususal it is appreciated.  Dirk       
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