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yabby has crack in shell

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Hi there, My yabby went walk about months ago and when I found her she had dropped her front claws and was drying out.  I put her back into her tank and she came good but developed a crack.  She had a moult but the crack is still there and open.  Some say it is a parasite, some say it is her gills poking out.  Please does anyone know?  She is eating well 🙂   I have added egg shell and IAL to her tank.1222186756_136819027_1593111734209475_1383466794289882786_n(1).jpg.cf9291d10a47dba25d44e2b45ea4ebde.jpg

137280979_1593111687542813_8747319714368317338_n (1).jpg

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    • beanbag
      Even if the tank seems "normal" again, please be sure to check the ammonia (and nitrite if possible) every day until you are sure the cycle has started again.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      You can usually see through blue jelly shrimp shells so there is a difference between being able to see through the light colour of the shell or seeing through a shell which is clear colourless or even a hole in the shell! The black on the blues may be part carbon rili colouring, if it is on the shell? From what I can make out from the photos I think it is on the shell and may just be low grade colouring? Simon
    • abepaniagua
      Thank you guys. So exciting to see a jade green shrimp haha. So crazy it came from 2 blue Neos. Again, tank seems to be back to "normal". I spent a few days without feeding them since there's algae around...but yesterday I dropped half a wafer and they all came like crazy. I took a few more pictures to show you the clear area on the head.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      The clear patch on the head isn't something I have ever seen before, it may be to do with the problem you had? Hopefully you will be sorted now but there may still be deaths if the shrimp are weakened. If the black one is the only one with that clear patch I would remove it as it shouldnt look like that, but the blue jelly (and others) in the other picture from the earlier post look fine. That is one beautiful JADE GREEN shrimp with the racing stripe down the back! Simon
    • beanbag
      looks like the antibiotics killed off the filter bacteria. U should dose something that treats ammonia, like Seachem Prime. Also add filter bacteria like Seachem Stability.  Or just wait for your own bacteria to come back.
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