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Amazing Scan

Welcome Amazing Scan

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Amazing Scan

Shrimp Keepers Forum welcomes Amazing Scan.

Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    • jayc
      So ... I visited my LFS after it reopened from lockdown due to a particular reason we all know about. Initial intention was to go in there to pick up some frozen foods, as I had used it all up since lockdown. And maybe a Mystery snail to help eat up algae in one of my tanks. But then I saw this fella and could not resist buying the pair. (cropped the picture to hide the mess in my quarantine tank)   Have not been able to take a picture of the female. It's hiding and won't come out when I'm around. However I am concern it's a not really a female but a sleeper male. 😞 Hope I'm wrong.
    • jayc
      Glass shrimp has a more pronounced hump on this back. Glass shrimp has larger eggs, Amano have thousands of smaller eggs. The spotted stripes on that shrimp's side gives it away as an Amano. Glass shrimp do not have those spotted/dotted lines. That's how you tell them apart.
    • Kenneth Beasley
      Hello. You've probably traveled by now. The only thing I did when I move was I bought a 5-gallon cooler and place my fish there for over 3 hours of land travel and they were all okay.
    • Cole
      Thank you so much for the information.  I feel sad her eggs will not survive. 
    • Kenneth Beasley
      It's hard to differentiate if it is a glass or Amano fish though. But I must agree with them that it is indeed a female Amano shrimp since female glass shrimps usually have pinkish eggs when they are pregnant.
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