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Welcome Nickeyxo@live.ca

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Shrimp Keepers Forum welcomes Nickeyxo@live.ca.

Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    • Mr Fisher
      Cheers for that info mate. Makes sense as we have shell decorations in our fresh water tanks and they need replacing every few months or so and I was surprised at the thought of them eating shell. We only have kept angles and a few others simple fish before. Not got any experience with salt, corals and calcium. Was not sure how it all worked so appreciate the explanation. Cheers. Now just to know how much to feed him and how often.  
    • jayc
      No worries. And yeah, that is the problem with the most recent shrimp deaths ... ammonia. The fuzz in the tank is a clue that the tank is cycling again.
    • jayc
      Crabs don't eat egg shells.  Are you adding egg shells for the calcium? Egg shells increase calcium in the water. It's not for the crab to eat. Egg shells, coral and sea shells all release calcium very, very slowly. If you need a boost of calcium, you can use Calcium chloride, which will increase calcium as well as pH. Calcium chloride is the stuff that is used in Damp Rid for example.
    • Mr Fisher
      Hay mate, I love your post about your pet crab. I have a story for that leads into a few questions if you don't mind helping us out. I joined this site just to ask you a question. So I fish a lot  and took my girlfriend away on a house boat on the Hawkesbery river and we went fishing for Jews and crabbing for muddies for dinner. We got crabs we ate and let go all our Jenny's and one massive one that had to be going on 3.5kg plus and a good 25cm or so shell size. MASSIVE.... Biggest I have seen in person and was in my parents pot on her first drop hahaha,, beginners luck as we thought we lost the pot cos it must have dropped right on a ledge or rock and the current dragged it into deeper water and the float went under. But on change of tide I noticed it 15cm under and we got it back with her massive Jenny in it. I only keep what I need and don't like keeping the Jenny's even though I have never caught one laden with berries that legally in NSW I have to let go anyway. But it is still strange watching $250+ swimming away as around $80 to $90 a kg live here in Sydney fish markets at the moment. Our last crab we caught was destined to be brought home and kept alive today and eaten as Singapore crab for dinner tonight. He was the smallest boy we caught the hole trip and had been fighting as had a broken claw that's just healed so only a few weeks old. Anyways fishos nickname the girls Jenny's and no real name for boys. My partner asked my why I call girls this and not the boys a name??? So I told her.... I don't like naming my dinner hahahahaha and I guess that's it boys you eat and girls some like me never keep. Also boys have better meat/claws as you pointed out. So she said then we'll how about George. I told her yep some do call them that and also James,,,, she replies "George,,, yep George that's your name then". My partner is an animal lover, we have fish and she wants a pet snake but we have a cat. She had no issue with letting her massive Jenny go and said she felt bad about keeping the boys even though she like to eat them and knows how much we spend when we buy them. So we get home yesterday with George in a tub of water and air pump. I know from past experience I can keep them alive like this for over a week and I just put the tub down and she was like soooooo what's going to happen with George? I told her we leave him there till ready to eat. She then got a little bit upset and felt that was meant. So I said we could always put him in a spare tank for now if you want and if you don't want to eat him you keep him as a pet.... Her eyes light up.. really..... Ok, is our tank big enough. I was like,, ummmmmm, ummmmmmmmmm, wait....... did I just lose my dinner.... Damit,,,,,, One of those oh well moments hahahaha. So now we have a new Pet mud Crab call George and that's how it came about with no plan or knowledge of keeping a crab that got me googling and indeed found same as you. So thank you very much for your great post it's pointed us in the right direction. I am actually making my own tank to fit a stand going to be around 95 X 50 X 60cm and made from Plastic so not having to worry about breaking glass and our cat if he gets lose when we are out hahahaha. Also only cost me $150 and could make a tank 120x60x60cm if we had the space for it which is about bang on your dimensions. I'm going to try and set up like mangrovey environment and use plastic plants in the hope he does not eat and destroy them. Mixed size of river stone and a few coloured ones also for substrate. I will send you a few pics IV only just gotten back from Bunnings now, poor George is still in his box so will be a few hours yet. Also any extra advice is welcome Our main thing was how much to feed him and how often??? He is probably around 2.5kg and a good sized boy. This trip was outstanding for the average size of crab we caught as said he was the smallest. Also how long do they live as I guess he is getting in in age as for his size. And can we just put eggshells in the water and he will eat it??? Again cheers for your great post and any advice you can offer us is great. Cheers  JJ  
    • Crabby
      Yeah that could definitely be killing the shrimp. Try a slow 25% water change.
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