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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thanks for that information. Maybe they have molting problems with no KH and that is when they die?  Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I do believe that there is greater reward with something that is more difficult. I wouldn't consider keeping Caridina shrimp though without using RO water and shrimp mineraliser! If you don't want a normal RO water system you can use a Zerowater filter jug (produces RO equivalet water) as I had great success with that, and they are widely available, especially in the USA! I also wouldn't try the PH regulators. With the time and costs involved with these shrimp there is no point in trying to cut corners with something so fundamentaally important as water, RO water is pretty mch a must! The water I get from the zerowater jug is PH 5.5 - 6.0, where my tapwater is PH 7.5. Simon
    • jayc
      One way of guaranteeing traits in the offspring is to separate and breed parents with the same trait you are looking for. If you let the shrimps just go free for all ... that is what you will get - free for all looking shrimp. This is one way of getting MTS (Multi Tank Syndrome), where new tanks suddenly appear out of thin air. You go from one tank to several without knowing what happened.
    • Gingerfrost
      So if you breed the more transparent cherry shrimps it'll become wild type. Is it at least a slight bit if chance to keep the stripe legs but keep the grade to go up?    I really do enjoy watching the shrimp with the stripe legs swim around. I think it's actually the most active preferring to ride the water currents.   Either way the leg stripes are pretty, anyway to keep them without going wild?
    • beanbag
      Neo shrimp seem to do ok in KH 0 water, but then seem to die off a few months later.  I would try to have even a little KH, like 1, or be sure to feed them enough mineral food.
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