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Partial molt

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Hello folks,

I have a Taiwan Bee shrimp that is a bit over a year old by now.  Today it had a partial molt where it got the head part off just fine but the tail segment is still on.  It seems to be loosely hanging on over its back, except for the tail fan part, where the shrimp tail fins are tucked in (scrunched together) from being pulled partially out of the shell.  Since it seems to be able to move and swim around just fine, I may leave it alone for now while it is still soft and vulnerable.  But at some point, should I "assist" in trying to get it off?  And maybe before the new shell gets deformed.  Otherwise, it will be like [graphic imagery warning] trying to poop with its pants on.

The water parameters and GH 5 TDS 100 and I feed the shrimp alternately Bacter AE, spinach, mulberry, Shrimp king pellet food (rotate between Complete, Mineral, Protein).  Does any of this need changing, e.g. higher or lower GH?  Or maybe this is just a symptom of a shrimp getting old?

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Hopefully it may sort itself out on its own. If it looks like you can get the old shell off fairly easily I would probably give it a go though whilst the shell is still fairly soft! 

Your GH looks perfect, the TDS on the low side but not to a point that would worry me too much, and obviously if you increase the TDS that will almost certainly increase the GH also!

I probably wouldn't worry too much if this is the one and only shrimp to have this problem but wait and see if it happens again before changing anything like parameters..


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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Sorry to hear you have lost half the remaining shrimps. At least you have another taiwan bee tank which is doing fine. Be careful not to take anything (including shrimp) from the bad tank and put it in the good tank! It could be an infection as LukeBeveridge above, maybe some shrimp were sick when you got them. Time to start thinking/preparing to start that tank again! If you are using something different in the tank that you aren't using in any other tank then use what has worked well with the other tanks. At least there is no rush so you can do it at your leisure, and once it is up and running you should have shrimplets you can transfer from your other tank! There is a device out there to prevent heaters overheating by cutting the power to the heater when it gets too hot, it probably would be worth getting one of those, at least for the taiwan bee tank(s).  The parameters look fine. The nitrate figue may indicate the tank isn't cycled properly, but I have a tank that has nitrate 25 permanenetly for 5+ years with no problems. You could test the nitrates in the other taiwan bee tank and see what they are out of curiosity, but as I assume you will be re-setting up the bad tank it probably may be better to just get ready to do that. I feel your disappointment have a tank that is exactly the same and I have (temporarily) given up on that (as I don't know what the problem is) and just have fish in it for now, but I would have to start again if I want to start with taiwan bee shrimp again...... Simon  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      That is a beautiful shrimp! Mixing different colours as you are will mean you will get offspring reverting to wild (brown or clear usually) quite quickly. Simon
    • jayc
      In that case, I would be inclined to think that this is an offspring of the Yellow/Green you have in the tank. Congrats. You have created a new colour morph.
    • 04_lariat_ben
      Yes the "camo" shirmp as ive been calling it is about 1/3 of the size of the yellow shrimp the other green shrimp which where all males where about 1/2 the size of the yellow shrimp. Thats why im leaning toward this being the offspring of the yellow and green and being a pure hybrid of the two. Who knows tho. The color morph theory is convincing as well but the size of this shrimp makes me wanna believe its a hybrid.
    • Able
      Oh and BTW I meant COOK the tanks in my previous reply. Typo 
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