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Is it possible to end up with nerite snail babies in your tank???!!!!


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Hi team!

So since I planted the tank I had this tiny snail cruising around- its bigger now- check the photo - he is about as big as a pea


sorry for the bad quality!

So today (ha ha  after ordering a group of nerite snails from liverpool creek aquariums) as I was cleaning the tank I noticed more tiny snails getting around - they are really small at the moment, maybe half the size of a grain of rice.. but can they be nerite snails?  Could they have come in on plants so small?  I know they cannot breed in fresh water so are they some other kind of snail??  Sorry about the messy tank, halfway through cleaning and ran for the camera



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Mystery solved,  They are bladder snails - so I am glad that I ordered the nerite snails now!  I will be picking them out and euthanising them when I see them from now on:)

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Those are very common pond snails and probably came with some plants, though they may have been eggs then attached to the plants. They are harmless but can become a nuisance if the numbers grow so it is probably best to remove any you see when you see them. They still do the good work of any snail!

You won't get the same population problem with Nerite snails as the babies need brackish water, but you may see eggs etc on the glass still, they just won't come to anything!


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    • jayc
      Welcome to SKFA. It's a Macrobrachium of some sort. Those claws give it away. But don't know which exact species of Macrobrachium. Might be able to narrow it down to which species if we knew where the shipment was from. Where are you from?   Don't put this fella in a tank with other Neo Caridina or Caridina or Taiwan bee shrimps. It will eat those smaller shrimp.
    • JLRiggs73110
      Hey all! First of all, thanks for the add!  I really appreciate it!  I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this in this thread, so if I am, please relocate this post to where it belongs!!  So, about a week or so ago I got a blue crayfish from the local pet store, and they told me that this "Little Dude" (His name!) was sent along with that shipment in error and it wasn't identified, or at least the pet store didn't know what it was, or told me it was another type of crayfish.  After his first molt (Just last night and the fastest to complete one yet) he is a different color, slightly bigger, and I don't think he is a crayfish at all.  I am thinking he is a shrimp, but I am not sure.  If someone could confirm this for me, and possibly even identify what species of shrimp it is, that would be amazing!!  Please don't judge the dirty tank I have been working and then he molted so I haven't had a chance to clean it properly in a little bit.  I appreciate the help!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great news that everything seems to have settled down! When you do set up a new folter system, leave the old sponge in the tank for a couple of weeks while new one is running as it will be full of bacteria but the new one won't have any at the start etc!
    • alkemist
      It's been awhile but things have been going ok. I got my water parameters back to around where it needs to be. KH back to 4 but I can't seem to increase GH past 5, even if I only add GH remineralizer back during a water change. Anyhow, the tank has been stable. I haven't seen many shrimp deaths or anything alarming. They are still consistently breeding. I do have to feed them much more aggressively, on a daily basis. I also started to add in mulberry and dandelion leaves for them to graze on every few days on top of the other foods. They are a bunch of hungry buggers. I need to swap to a more powerful filtration system than a sponge filter system. While the shrimp poop is awesome for growing my plants, the water has become dank and dark. I'm fine with tannins, but there are way too many particulates in the water. Going to swap to a mini canister filter system with a spin pipe to keep water flow low.. so things are going to get shook up a bit again, but hopefully it all stays stable.
    • Don 78
      Simon, Thanks for your input. I will recheck my water parameters. Don
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