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Finding local shrimp breeders in Michigan?

Adam Bomb

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Hello everyone! 

My area of Michigan (48065) seems to be a black hole for shrimp enthusiasts, and my hope was to uncover folks I can buy shrimp (and hopefully moss) from locally. Since the pandemic has paused all face-to-face meetings for local clubs until further notice, it's been rough (and I can't imagine paying online retail ridiculous prices for shipped shrimp)!

Since we only have the "City" field (for location) on profiles, is there a better way to find local people? I'd love any help you can offer. 

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Hi Adam, I too am looking for Michigan shrimp breeders.  I have both neos and caridinas.  Were you lucky enough to find a local breeder?

I’m looking for Tiger shrimp, if you happen to know anyone with those.

How is your shrimp keeping coming along?  Are you keeping more than just neos now?

Besides my tigers which I’m hoping to expand the colony if I can locate someone willing to sell me some beautiful males, I keep regular cherries, bloody Mary’s, and apparently I also have a couple Shokos.  I keep Thai micro crabs with my neos also, including a few tigers.  I also have a separate tank for tigers.

Merry Christmas.

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