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Welcome suryahy

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Shrimp Keepers Forum welcomes suryahy.

Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    • ShrimpLuke
      The yellow cherry aren't kept with reds, they just bred from that colony and now are by themselves but yeah ill probably seperate the shrimps in questions and find out thanks heaps!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      That is what I would so, as you say they are still attractive and time may help work it out, the colouris quite cherry but the markings are more caridina. If your caridina came from a mixed tank (as it sounds like it did) then it could be some kind of caridina hybrid (the stripes down the back are quite Pinto), assuming you got a female if you only got the 1? Of coarse if you only got one female Caridina you may want to leave the oddbods in with it to breed and you could get a fabulous mix of patterns and colours from them dependant on the genes they carry??? It is difficult to tell the sex of the caridina in the picture as it has its back arched upwards. On the other hand, if you have only had the caridina a few months is the oddbod too big to have been born since the adult was added. And if the yellow cherrys were mixed with red cherry they would revert back to wild quickly! Shrimps carry the eggs and they hatch from the mothers underside. If you aren't sure it may be best to put them in a seperate tank (for now) as you say you may do. Fingers crossed they are caridina! I hope you will keep us informed. Simon
    • ShrimpLuke
      The yellows are definitely cherry shrimp, i got them around 6 or 7 months ago when they bred from my brothers red cherry tank and started with a group of 8 and added a few more. The caradina shrimp i added a few months ago and the guy said they were in a tank of just blue bolts and pintos so they are as pure as I'm aware.   The yellows are definitely cherry shrimp, although i bought two quite large yellow shrimp from my local fish store. They're the biggest I've ever seen but they assured me they are actually yellow cherry shrimp (one of them was actually berried when i purchased it so it layed eggs in my tank). I don't think this shrimp gave birth to the shrimps in question however, as there were more smaller shrimp that look like the one in the picture, and the large yellow shrimp i bought has only given birth once. Also, it is around mainly yellow babies and the shrimp in question is slightly smaller than a fully grown yellow cherry male. My brothers dismantling a very small tank, maybe 8 -14 litres and i was thinking of putting them in there and breeding them because they look heaps nice and even better than the photos, but ill have to see. Thanks heaps for the help!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      This is an interesting dilema............ Are you sure the yellows are cherry shrimp and not 'yellow king kong'? Yellow king kong are caridina and usually smaller!  Going by the colour of the shrimp it looks yellow, but the marks down the back look more caridina than cherry! There is a yellow stripe variety of cherry but the stripe doesn't have that sort of shade/contrast. The other yellow shrimp in the picture are quite small, smaller than the oddbod, so can timeline help us? When did you get the yellows and when did you get the caridina (beautiful by the way) which is much bigger? The markings on oddbod are white (some spots on the tail as well I THINK). I wouldn't do anything with them at the moment until we (hopefully) get to the bottom of this! Simon
    • Crabby
      Well... I saw some Caridinas in that second pic. Dark yellow with darker dots and lines sounds an awful lot like some type of tangerine tiger. Unless your caridinas are from a pure line. Then I assume Simon is right.
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