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72 litre 90 F shallow build


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Thank you very much!  The green on the stones is algae, but it’s nice and balanced 🙂 

the plants are Crypts and they have been bulletproof 

This forum has been there from the start (actually even before the start)

sdlTBfanUK it is because of your advice that this is a no fertiliser tank- I bought some in the initial shopping list and you advised me not to use it! ( for shrimp health) 

I am very happy to have kept with this decision.  A big YT name Father Fish (100k + subs) subscribed to my channel and left a really nice comment.  This success partly rests on this forum and all of you that have helped with this build.  Thank you very much


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IMG_0257.thumb.jpeg.c718ab8c6d5894b280a8203712a13fd7.jpegScience fish has the water results


PH 7.4

Ammonia 0.0

Nitrite 0.0

Nitrate 10 ppm

Hardness 70

Carb Hardness 3

Thanks all and have a great day

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