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New shrimpkeeper (parameters check)

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14 hours ago, Brando said:


February 25:

Water Temp 70-72

PH: 7.8 now.. not sure how it went from 7.6 to 7.8 after adding mopani drift wood?

Ammonia: 0!!!!! 

Nitrite: 0!!!!

NitrAte: 10-20 ( I think 10)

My shrimp molted for the first time since getting them! 

I have been adding fluval cycle (half dose) every 2 days.

And been doing a 10% water chang every few days as well.

Do i know my tank is done cycling when ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate is all 0?


Do you know what sex the shrimp are yet?

There may be something increasing the Ph as per JayC.

Can you test the Ph of the tap water you get from your tap?

You don't mention rock as being in the tank but if you do have some they may be raising the Ph.

Some substrates can also raise Ph!

Don't panic about the PH at this point but it would be a good idea to find out what is happening and why?

Are you having to top up the tank between water changes as you don't have a cover?

You should really get a TDS pen, and GH and KH tester kits, especially at the start, I rarely test my cherry shrimp tank now it has been running so long?


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Getting a TDS meter is good advice from Simon.

It makes maintenance a lot easier by aiding in parameter measurements. Have a read of my article titled "TDS and why it's important" (so something like that).

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      That looks great and I'm sure shrimps will be very happy exploring and grazing in there. I look forward to hearing how it goes this time. I don't think anyone over here is sending shrimps (or fish) at the moment so I am not planning to get anything here soon, the fish are doing well in that tank, and there is 1 red steel shrimp survivor which shows itself occassionally? Simon  
    • LCM94
      now the upload seems to be working with a 2Mb file ... but initially 6Mb seemed to big (popup with a "-200" error message, whatever that means 😐)  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Good to see you back and hopefully this time all will go well! Tiger shrimp would probably be best as a TESTER as they are less fragile and more adaptable to different parameters than Taiwan bee, so I would get a small group of those and see how that goes at this stage, you can change (or mix?) to the Taiwan bee if all works for a few months? With the correct parameters the PH should stay stable unless there is something like rocks that alter the PH. Using RO water plus the shrimp minerals will provide all the parameters at a set balance. I'm not aware of any changes since you posted the pctures back in April so can only assume it may be file size related, can you do one at 1mb or below? Simon  
    • LCM94
      Hello, I have totally redone my tank: removed substrate & woods. Cleaned the inside of the tank. I just kept most of the plants, cleaned them in tap water, cut out the roots. I put in a new substrate: JBL Manado Dark (neutral substrate) I added spider wood after cleaning them off Almost a month now has passed and parameters are pretty much stable. I still use osmosis water (ph = 6 to 6.5). I had a question though: - If I set the correct ppm parameters, normally Ph should stay stable? - I was thinking of introducing Tiger shrimps (that should be fine) but what about caridinas? I guess that would work as well?  PS: seems that I can't upload a file of 6Mb? Even 2Mb
    • jayc
      Epic ! LOL, your cat ! Just sitting there watching all the fuss.
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