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Baby Nerite snail?

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Hey guys! I have a shrimp/snail tank setup and I added 2 nerites since the beginning of the tank. I started seeing a little white dot moving around on my glass. I know nerite eggs can’t hatch in freshwater, so does anyone know if this is a nerite? 





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It looks like a snail, but to me it looks like a common pond snail so it probably came on some moss or plants (maybe as an egg)? The picture is a bit blurry to be totally positive!


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    • beanbag
      Maybe around 10 or so I know that many people claim to have increased baby survival rate by dosing various baby foods or Bacter AE.  What has your survival rate been?
    • Crabby
      No plants ‘require’ CO2 so to speak, but it helps boost growth. Flourish excel is basically bottled CO2, so you could do that. Most red plants will just grow a bit greener without CO2. I have some variety of Ludwigia repens, and it stays pretty red, as the leaves reach higher toward the light. But the best thing to do is just try something. Test it out, see what works and what doesn’t, because nobody‘s tanks are the same.
    • DreamBlueVelvet
      Ok does it require CO2 also what about Ludwigia Repens Rubin super red?
    • Crabby
      I use two 24 watt fluorescent tubes on my regular 29, and am just able to grow red plants. That’s 48 watts of light, from one pink and one blue tube, so your 37 on a tall tank might not be strong enough when it hits the bottom. If you end up dosing excel (I do and it works fine for me) then maybe try Alternanthera Reineckii, or it’s mini version (also known as AR Mini). I’ve had success with that.
    • kms
      Many red plants require white and red light, could be LED or tube, power isn't important, but need enough reach the bottom, but most important co2 is needed, or they don't last.
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