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Moringa Leaves

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I'm curious if anyone else uses moringa leaves or powder with their shrimp. Moringa oleifera is also called the drumstick tree or Malunggay, and boasts of a lot of dietary benefits for humans. I've fed it as a shrimp lolly flavor, and they loved it. I had to look up what it was at the time; and shortly after that saw the leaves at a local farmers market (I'm in the SF Bay area and we get a lot of "exotic" greens). I blanched it in some boiling water and tossed it in; the shrimpies and snails went wild. I've been waiting for spring so I can look for some more fresh leaves. 
Last weekend I found a large bag of powdered, organic moringa and I've been adding that to my feeding routine in small amounts. This seems much easier to source through a health/fitness store or even through Amazon. Does anyone else feed moringa?

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We don't get this plant here in Australia, at least that I know of. 

Shrimps will eat almost anything. If you can get the Moringa flower, that can be fed too, fresh. In fact you can feed most edible flowers to shrimps.

Looking up the nutritional content of the moringa leaves ...

Minerals              Quantity

Calcium               185 mg

Iron                      4.00 mg

Magnesium         147 mg

Manganese         0.36 mg

Phosphorus         112 mg

Potassium           337 mg

Sodium                9 mg

Zinc                       0.6 mg

It's not too bad for calcium and magnesium. It's also a good source of potassium and iron.


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      Maybe around 10 or so I know that many people claim to have increased baby survival rate by dosing various baby foods or Bacter AE.  What has your survival rate been?
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      No plants ‘require’ CO2 so to speak, but it helps boost growth. Flourish excel is basically bottled CO2, so you could do that. Most red plants will just grow a bit greener without CO2. I have some variety of Ludwigia repens, and it stays pretty red, as the leaves reach higher toward the light. But the best thing to do is just try something. Test it out, see what works and what doesn’t, because nobody‘s tanks are the same.
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      Many red plants require white and red light, could be LED or tube, power isn't important, but need enough reach the bottom, but most important co2 is needed, or they don't last.
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