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    • Dashrimp
      By Dashrimp
    • Dimos
      By Dimos
      Hi everyone,
      Take a look at the videos I uploaded. I was trying the macro adapters for my camera but its pretty hard to get sharp images, especially when subject is moving. The second video with the Neon Yellow looks sharper.

      By the way, does the yellow seem like a male? I thought its a female because of the saddle, but now I see the belly is straight.
    • LaxLogic
      By LaxLogic
      Here is another video of my old CRS tank. Sadly this one did crash in the end. I am reasonably certain it was because I started dosing with CO2. The driftwood I used to make the "tree" was also found. I did boil it but I am willing to be this also caused the tank some problems.

      Either way enjoy my old CRS tank! I kind of want to get CRS again and give it another try but I also really want Tibees... So hard to choose! (I might get both and aim for red tibees/pinto)

      Sorry for the music. It synced up so I couldn't resist.
    • waffle
      By waffle
      I thought we should have a thread for spamming pics of shrimplets ?
      These are sunkist neos only a few hours old. 

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