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Lots of shrimplets

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Lots of shrimplets


Can any one help me I'm looking to buy or have custom built a tank of 900mmx300mmx300mm. I'm in the UK, Midlands area. Its almost a US 20gallon long. But the UK seem to want taller tanks? I need it to fit in a alcove in my lounge. Planning to breed cpd in it. Any help appreciated. 

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I don't know of any myself but I put custom aquariums in search engine and a few came up but how much are you willing to spend as they were insanely expensive, around £1k?

As you already have MTS, how about 2 of these if you have enough room, including all the workings?


Or this would fit but give you a little room one or both sides


Anything bigger, as you say will be taller normally? 


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    • GotCrabs
      By GotCrabs
      Scored myself an Aqua One Horizon 60 on Thursday, nice tank, 69l, 60cm x 32cm x 36cm, I saw it in the LFS and thought I'd grab it before the 'Useless' store owners decided to change the price of it like they do with other products, this is the same store that didn't know what kH, gH were and also charge $40.05 for an Aqua One Maxi 101f which I've seen elsewhere for $15.00 to $20.00 and also $20.00 for the smallest bottle of API Tap Water Conditioner... Paid $70.00 for it which I thought wasn't bad.
      So it's sitting here looking at me, the other tank I have which is doing a DSM is going well, I'll leave it for probably another month or two, probably two, so I was thinking I'd do this tank to keep me busy in the mean time, give me something to do.
      I'm going to go down the native tank path, thinking Spotted Blue Eyes, Riffle Shrimp, North Australian Chameleon Shrimp, Darwin Algae Shrimp, Darwin Red Nose Shrimp once the tank is planted and running well, plant wise I'm thinking Glossostigma elatinoides, Hydrocotyle tripartita, Lilaeopsis brisbanica, Vallisneria nana, but not sure what else, want to keep it some what simple, but appealing, not crowded, heavily planted with Glosso though, have a rough image in mind, will also use the left over Seiryu Stone I have, even though yes I know it isn't really native Australian lay out material, but might as well use it though.
      Thinking I'll use ADA Amazonia like I have in the other tank, also going to grab another Ista 60cm White LED when they come back in stock at The Tech Den, be nice to hear back from them.
      Thanks to @Baccus for the help with the Spotted Blue Eye and native shrimp questions also.
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