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Albino Bristlenose


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Thank you, I am retired and have the time to work with my tanks daily as they give me great enjoyment.  A 50, 40 breeder, 29 long, and 10 gallon shrimp tank.  He has a face only a mother could love!

Pleco Bowl 3.jpg

Gold Pleco******.jpg

Bristlenose Community.jpg

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5 minutes ago, sdlTBfanUK said:

Those are superb photos, keep them coming!



Thank you for your kind words.  Trish

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    • GotCrabs
      By GotCrabs
      I've got 3 Short Finned Common Bristlenose (1 male, 2 female) in my Mr Aqua 12g tank and 12 juveniles also, seeing that the 3 adults are starting to get some size about them soon enough they'll be too large to roam freely around the tank without making all the Shrimp agro, so I'm thinking of taking them all out (this'll be interesting) and placing in the AquaTopia 20l I have on their own.
      Questions are, what's the easiest way to catch these little buggers, the juvis are like 1.5cm, adults are roughly 6cm, should I use substrate in the tank or go bare bottom, will 1 pleco cave be enough coverage, also I have 3 10cm x 10x stainless steel mesh squares covered in Subwassertang, would that be enough for them to play around on.
      Eventually, these little buggers as cool as they are will have to go, so I'm not planning on going with a fully planted tank.
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