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Sudden Death

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35 minutes ago, ricksza said:

Would Flourish Potassium be sufficient?

Yes you can use that. It's a bit more expensive as someone else has mixed it and packaged it for you. But you can't deny the convenience.


37 minutes ago, ricksza said:

If so, what level should I aim for?

Since you are doing this in a separate bucket (an old 1 litre ice cream bucket comes in handy), you can dose 1ml of potassium to 1 Litre of water. You don't have to throw away the water in the bucket. Just keep it for the next days treatment. If you want to throw it out, you can use it to water your plants in the garden. Fruit trees love potassium.

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    • Crabclaw
      Definitely tempting me here. 😁  What do you feed them? As I currently feed my fish, and hope the shrimp get the leftovers. I’m looking more towards trying to feed my shrimp specifically though. I’ve tried zucchini and spinach, but only the hated snails will eat those. And rarely do I see a shrimp on an algae wafer. They all seem to be doing fine though, so I guess there's enough algae and biofilm for them to eat. And if I were to get more shrimp with the possible intent of breeding them (not the das of course), would you recommend the removal of my Apistogramma pair? They’re beautiful and I would love to see them breed at some stage, but the are active and the male in particular is quite large. They can get a bit aggressive at times.
    • DEL 707
      Thanks again for all the help. I was only really getting the amanos to help with algae and plant maintence, but maybe I should just get a few more cherries. If I got another 5 this weekend, should I look into getting some shrimp food? Thinking about fish in the future (another week or 2), what would you suggesting stocking. I was thinking about a few green neon tetra's and maybe 2 otos.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Welcome newbie! That sounds a lot of pests you have? I have used SLAqua Z1 which is meant for hydra and Planaria, and it worked for the hydra I had - not sure if  it is available where you are? It sounds like you have done your research and know what to do? I would probably just buy everything new and start again so there is zero risk of a recurrence as you have several problems, and be slightly quicker and could go up a size of aquarium if that is something that interests you etc and as you state you are going to cycle it again, but I usually do take the easiest route, though that tends to be the costliest! I can't see any problems with your plan though you could just use tap water dechlorinated at stage 6 as that will be removed a week later? I would probably get new sponge for the filter as I expect that is really cheap as well and that can go in with the shrimps in the temporary tank to get some bacteria on ready (it can just float in the tank)!  How many blue bolts do you currently have? Simon
    • Grubs
      I hope you can feed them. I kept pipefish for a while but had enormous trouble feeding them.  They wouldn't take any prepared foods and are massive predators so I was feeding them all my small fish and all the shrimp I could throw at them.    When I got them I thought they'd eat fresh hatched brine shrimp but no they wanted MUCH bigger.   They both jumped out of the open top tank.  
    • Grubs
      DAS are very robust and I've kept them in a tank with Melbourne tap water and in rainwater with  DIY hardness booster.  You'll find them in Northern Australia in both the fresh and brackish sections of rivers so they have really wide tolerances.  My tanks range from 24C to 29C If you get some keep the covers on for the first 2 weeks as they can be jumpy if your water parameters are a long way from what they were housed in. After a couple of weeks they settle down and rarely jump.  I know some people with open tanks put gladwrap over the top for the first couple of weeks only. I'll also suggest that no-way will they interbreed with your Tangerine Tigers -  they are very different shrimp and their bits wont fit together even if they were so inclined.   If money is tight then Paratya are about half the biomass but will breed up easily and also wont cross with the TT .... or do both.  You can keep all three together in the same tank.
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