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    • Steensj2004
      Well, got all the levels back in check, thanks for the help. Now to the update.    Baby. Shrimp. Everywhere. I counted 25 last night, hardly bigger than a pencil lead, all over the place. Looks like multiple females may have dropped at the same time!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thanks for that, I will read that with interest later! Time to do the weekly shrimp tank water change and maintenance............ Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I hope you manage to get your money back without any hassle. We all suffer from impulse buying, especially with this hobby. I don't think we ever stop learning either with this hobby. Maybe the challenge is part of the appeal? Ask as many questions as you want! Simon
    • beanbag
      I just did a google search for yearly variation in barometric pressure, and it brought me to this page: https://www.securevideo.com/blog/2016/03/18/global-barometric-variation-annual-maps-and-monthly-raw-data It looks like I live in the blue region with low variations and you live in the yellow region with larger variations.
    • Crabby
      Thanks Simon. I've decided to just return them to the store as they were sold to me as diseased fish (fin rot has progressed too far for it to have been my fault) and as you said the cost for the medicine is more than that of the fish. The fish really aren't doing well, so I think it'll save a fair bit of work. Hopefully the store can do a better job at keeping them alive now that I can make them aware of the problem. Even though I am sort of giving up on the fish I have certainly learned some lessons through this experience. The whole thing shocked me a bit, as this is a problem I would have expected when I first started out, but not now, just as I'm getting comfortable with the hobby. In hindsight it may have been my being comfortable that caused this mistake. Anyway, thanks for the advice Simon. Hopefully I won't have to ask a question like this again, and I can learn from this unfortunate situation.
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