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    • Blue Ridge
      It did give me some confidence that they didn't mind their new water!
    • jayc
      Playing " follow the leader" ? Or are they reenacting the Great Escape?
    • Blue Ridge
      I got a batch of blue Neos yesterday and after 90 minutes I went to check the drip bucket. And the water level had gotten higher than the end of the airline tubing. Didn't expect they would do this:
    • Blue Ridge
      I've kept various Caridina cf. cantonensis and recently tried a few C serrata for a new (well, set up in April but new to shrimp) tank. They were home bred little juveniles, and I figured I had several months before I would see berries. The largest ones are at about 1/2" or 1.27 cm now and multiple females are already berried. My bees need to be twice this size before they berry for me. Just found it interesting. Substrate of Flourite and a little ADA for scale. I'm guessing these fry are going to be tiny!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Those are really great photos! I especially like the established tank (last  photo) and the beautiful shrimps. I'm sure the new tank will look just as fabulous once everything grows in! It is so easy to get carried away in this hobby, how many of us have said 'just one more tank'???? I like the idea of a separate REDs tank! I just got 17 mixed red Taiwan bee shrimps this morning, acclimating those while writing this? Simon  
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