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Macropore andybody used it?, Hammered my TDS


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4 minutes ago, sdlTBfanUK said:

 The Purigen says it removes Ammonia/nitrite/nitrate

To be precise, purigen does not directly remove nitrate.  It removes "nitrogenous waste" which is a precursor to nitrate.

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7 hours ago, beanbag said:


From the little bit of reading I did, Macropore is NOT the same as Purigen.

Purigen is a scavenging resin, which means that stuff goes in, nothing comes out.  It did not raise the TDS when I used it in my tank.

Macropore is an ion exchange resin, meaning that stuff goes in, salt comes out.  This is why Macropore can be recharged with salt, and Purigen cannot.

Sorry, wish I saw this thread earlier.

This is a great description, if somebody had explained this to me in this fashion the differences between the products i would never have purchased it. I did my research on Purigen and was going to buy pruigen and was swayed at the last moment to go with macropore as he said it is the same product and cheaper because your not paying for the seachem name. I was sold on the purigen's ability to remove organic precursors that lead to nitrogenous waste problem.

I am not a massive feeder and work on the small amounts more often principle and have heaps of snails in my tank(ramshorn and trumpets) eating any leftovers. When i use polyfilter i only use a small amount and i found it really takes the edge of the TDS creep from adding foods and wastes produced by the inhabitants. I would feel comfortable removing this product at any time and not effect my water and just manage by water changes.

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