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Filter for shrimp tank

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I know about the different types of filters, but wanted to ask more generally:

1)Mechanical filtration: You know that tan-brown gunk that usually gets trapped in the filter?  Do you try to filter the water as much as possible, or rather let chunks of this get recirculated?  I once saw a successful CRS tank with no mechanical filtration, the water had all kinds of debris and stuff floating in it, and the shrimp seemed very happy and picking at everything.

2) Biomedia: do u prefer sponge or any of the hard ceramic / rock / sintered glass things?  Secondly, do you purposely try to go overboard with the biomedia (which is what I hear some Asian Bee shrimp breeders do) or just use as little as necessary?  In my tank setup, the biomedia is actually after the filter outlet, where the stream of water sprays on a small pile of Biomax and lava rocks.  It seems the shrimp like to gather there occasionally and pick at the rock.  Plus I assume the rest of the surface area of the tank is also doing some nitrification.  I have never seen ammonia nor nitrite after the initial cycle, but have been wondering if I should add some more biomedia "on purpose".

3) Do you run any kind of setup that is for de-nitrification, or do you just count on plants to do it?

4) Do you use any chemical media like Purigen?

Basically, I am trying to decide between "low tech natural" and "super clean".

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Most of your technical questions are a bit over my head, but this is what I use on all the tanks:


I use 2 in each tank and some come with cartridges of carbon, those I remove the carbon and just cut a bit of bigger sponge to fill the whole space. It is super easy, no carbon or ceramic etc, just the sponge, nothing else. There is a cap on the bottom which I permanently remove so there is more area exposed to the water and then to clean all I do is turn the whole thing about 120 degrees, pull out the sponge through the open bottom, squeeze it in removed tank water, put the sponge back in through the bottom and twist back into place. There is no taking anything apart as the bottom cover has been left off and the whole maintenance takes about 60 seconds if not less????

Having the 2 per tank (30L) makes it easy when you get a new tank as well as you can remove the dirty sponge from one and replace it with the other ones new sponge etc and you have immediate BB in both tanks, and any way they are so cheap why not have 2?  It is ALL super cheap, super easy and super basic. I very rarely change the sponges either but again as there are 2 it won't upset anything if you change one sponge or if one of the filters breaks. Incidently I have had some 5+ years and not 1 has failed yet.

This is what I  have done/used for years, sorry I can't be of more help on the specific technical questions you pose but as you see we really are talking a basic system of muck sucked into sponge and that is it, and the spray bars aerate the tank when the water comes out the other end.


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    • Crabclaw
      My tank is weird...   So! Some good news, and some bad news. Bad news first, cuz I gotta get it out. My crypts have all totally melted. Just in the first 3-4 days, they’re practically gone. Just roots and a couple of tiny leaves. My lace fern has done the same, but I think it just died... not sure why, but not a big deal. Will add photos later. Second bit of bad news is that I lost my male endler, Gerald. I don’t understand what happened, as everyone else is doin great, but I saw him one afternoon just staying in one spot in the top left corner of the back, by the heater, and he didn’t look to excited, so I fed some food back for him to see if he would eat. He ate, and I thought it couldn’t be that bad as there were no obvious visible signs of disease, he wasn’t gasping, and wasn’t visibly bloated. The next morning I had just finished feeding when I saw him lying on the bottom of the tank, in a bed of melted crypts, unmoving. He was straight beneath where he had been the previous day, except now Gerald was dead. Again, he didn’t look diseased or anything, just was lying dead on his side. I then removed him and buried beside my one dead shrimp’s grave outside my window. Am going to check the parameters this arvo when I have time. Any ideas on what else it could be?   Anyhoo, everyone else is doing very well, and the good news is that I believe my Apistogramma Nijsseni pair are breeding! I have no idea why, as they have just experienced a very stressful change in params (that from my recent research should have probably killed them!). I may have accidentally caused it by adding an extra cave and increasing the temps to their breeding temperature. I’m still not totally sure, but I’ve been seeing courtship for a while, and two days ago they were doing some crazy aggressive mating-ey stuff. Yesterday I saw that my female was staying in one place along my driftwood, and she hasn’t moved from there since. She looks to be doing very well, still quite active, and has chased a few fish away from her spot. I noticed that there is a deep divot where she is guarding that she goes inside maybe once every two minutes. I can’t see in the hole, have tried everything, but assume from her behaviour that she is guarding eggs. Either way, we’ll know in a few days. I’m a little worried about their chances of survival though (the babies, I mean), in a community tank. I also have no tiny live foods, the best I can do is super fine flakes or pellets. Is hatching baby brine shrimp easy? If so I could try that I guess.    Final thing is that when I got my refund for my bad gravel, I ended up in a long phone call with the guy, who was trying to give me advice. It was veeeeery frustrating, as he keeps saltwater and african cichlids. As such, he said the gravel was great for his tanks, and should be fine for mine. Hmm. Maybe that’s cuz your fish require a really high level of hardness?! He also said that plants are the worst thing you can put in a tank, that I need to get rid of them ASAP, and that they are the sole reason that algae exists. In addition to that, he said my oversized external canister filter wasn’t enough for my tank, that I needed a ‘biological filter’, and that’s why my killies died. It was a great convo. Sorry, just needed to express my frustration with the guy to people who get it.    Thanks for reading this long post, as usual any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers guys! (And gals and peeps who are neither)
    • jayc
      Those galaxy pintos are so nice. 
    • kms
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thats quite a difference! Did you swoosh them both through the water? Take a look at the 2 prongs on each and they should both be parallel to each other, ie straight? If the prongs aren't straight it will be wrong! Otherwise take a sample of some water from one of the sources, to a nearby local aquarium place and get them to check what reading they get and 'hopefully' it will agree (near enough) with one of the meters? The zerowater one is nearer the figure correlation that beanbag mentioned so maybe? If you want to change the water in the tank before you can get confirmation which is right then I would use the Zerowater meter as those figures are higher, so if it turns out the lower old meter is right you can just add more GH/KH+ which is easier (and a lot less wasteful) than trying to reduce it! As the zerowater figures correlate better to GH figures etc that is probably the most accurate! Simon edit - sorry, just realised beanbag TDS/GH correlation is on another UK thread! 1 GH is very roughly USUALLY approx 20 TDS.
    • Sonnycbr
      My Zerowater jug arrived today with a free TDS meter. I had already bought a meter a couple of weeks ago so I decided to compare them. These are the results: Free meter                                                Bought meter Tap water 317                                                  227 Filtered water 0                                                  1 190L tank   510 but dropped to 484             334 Nano tank   384 but rose to 410                    306 Knowing nothing about these meters I don't know how reliable or accurate they are but these readings are wildly different.  I suppose the important thing is that I'm getting pure water from the filter so once the cycle is over and I do a big water change I'll have the water I want. 
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