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CRS food preference?

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I've been feeding my CRS seaweed wafers,  I've seen a lot of others using some kind of flakes that sink.  One person called them snowflakes but I cannot find them anywhere.  Also someone on here said to alternate between seaweed/algae wafers and protein every other day.  Can anyone recommend a product and perhaps an online store and what product would be best for my CRS. thanks

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I decided that the route I was going to go was variety and thereby get all bases covered. The snowflake is made of soya husks I believe and many recommend it for 'holiday' feeding as it is supposed to not affect the water quality if left in the tank for long periods. Various companies make it, gladgarten and shrimp king (see below) and it is called snowflake as when you put it in the tank it breaks up into small white pieces.


It will be difficult to know what to recommend without knowing where in the world you are etc, but the above supplier sends worldwide.What sort of quantity of shrimp and size of tank do you have?

The ones I use are shrimp king 5 in 1 (I smash all 5 into small pieces and mix it together in a container, this has snowflake as 1), chi ebi which is for shrimplets mainly, Dennerle Nano gran (algae I think) and I feed a small amount of just 1 of these each day, alternating, then on saturday a shrimp lolly and sunday fresh ORGANIC spinach! I always use a lot less than the manufacturers recommend (ie the shrimp lolly was recommended for 30 shrimp but I had over 100 shrimps in the tank). It may sound an expensive route to go when you get started but it isn't actually as each food lasts longer this way and the shrimps get more variety. I also use Indian Almond leaves and other dry leaves (oak usually as they are abundant here).

I don't actually know (or believe) there is a BEST food but there are a lot of specific shrimp foods out there, just look on the above website, and as these have been made specifically for shrimp are probably all good!

Hope this helps but just ask if there are any specifics or questions on the above etc.


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@supermansteve32, have a read of the Food and Nutrition forum.

I'm sure you will get lots of ideas there.

My best tip is ... don't stick to processed/bought foods. Vege scraps, flowers, leaves, prawns, frozen bloodworms. The list is huge. 

I only feed bought foods on lazy days. 

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    • Steensj2004
      Update for anyone interested.Rock was removed, Ph and TDS is down, over the last few days it’s crept down to around 190TDs after small water changes. Something that want happening with even larger changes before. PH seems to be down around 6.5. I hope it stays at that level, all inhabitants look to be doing well.
    • Cesar
      IME, the healthiest and highest quality has always buying directly from hobbyist, usually a small setup in their garage or fish room. Next was specialty store/importer, last is the local TFS, both often having stock that has been imported, transported and kept in less than ideal conditions... Buying directly from hobbyist has always produced the best results for me...
    • Steensj2004
      Did boil a few times, the water wasn’t completely clear when I stopped cleaning it. So they should be getting some tannins. I was able to remove all but one rock, I have one more piece to put in in its plAce today.   Right on. I’m originally from Ohio, and I’ve been scoping out Flip’s videos and website for a few weeks now. Looks like I’ll be ordering from either Flip or AquaHuna after I get this tank works out completely.   TDS is already down slightly after removing the rock and doing a small water change. I also took the opportunity to remove some plants I wasn’t a fan of and replace them. Indian Almond Leaves came in today too, but my BacterAE is delayed. Thanks Amazon.🙄🙄
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      Its about 1 cm its definitely of breeding age.. i would be happy if its male, but my eyes is untrained when it comes to fully colored males.
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