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    • sdlTBfanUK
      You're doing fine so carry on as you are until you feel the cycle is done. My normal schedule is 10%water change every week however I don't think you need to do any while the cycle is going on until/unless the nitrates or ammonia get too high, or the PH gets too low. The lower the Ph the slower the bacteria reproduce! As you only have 2 shrimps they won't be messing the water enough anyway at this stage, I hope they are still doing well? Can you take a lower resolution photo, or reduce the photo size on a computer? If you want to email it to me I can reduce it for you lavissimon@gmail.com - I had to do it often in the past.. Simon
    • Brando
      Ok I will continue to add fluval cycle every other day starting today. I have a piece of driftwood I could add which will lower ph too. Should I only water change once a week? Also, I have 3 java ferns, some small almond leaves, and driftwood. I can’t upload a picture due to size.
    • Crabby
      Do you have plants in the tank? And sorry for asking multiple times, but can you send a photo of the tank through so we can see the setup? 
    • jayc
      Yes, just right.   That's good news. It looks like there is some bacteria in the tank and it's processing the ammonia. Nitrates are building up however, but that can be reduced with water changes. Continue using the Fluval Cycle at every water change, ie. weekly. Just keep working on reducing the pH slowly.    
    • sdlTBfanUK
      That temperature is perfect! The wood and any Indian Almond leaves will be a slow (and that is what you want) PH reduction. It looks to be going well, the main thing is to change things very slowly if everything is otherwise ok! If the shrimp are active and investigating that is a good sign! Simon
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