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palmata vs davidi confusion

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A bit confused with the two different species breed or not?

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They can, and will.

Generally speaking, if they belong to the same genera, they can hybridize. This isn't completely true for Caridina, however I do believe that Caridina still needs to be broken down into further genera.


It's also possible for some to breed outside of their own genera, which is less common... but has occurred.

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Agree with Zoidburg.

I have never kept Palamatas, but I'm pretty sure it is possbile for these two to breed.

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    • jayc
      Don't know about effectiveness on breeding, but additional oxygen in the water can't go wrong. It's probably better for overcrowded tanks.
    • Aquathumb
      Any Update on the effectiveness of this on shrimp and breeding? 
    • CurleyJones321
      Id put in maybe a liter or 2 of water (1cm of water in the tank) and put in a couple handfuls of substrate at the base just to help, the other substrate to them cover it which will have the main contact with your water allowing for the buffering effects (and the colour difference if there is one wont be noticed).

      I currently have a small pipe heater in the current tank that i can use for the new one, that technically makes my new project cheaper because i now don't need 2. can i get dimensions of this thank fully assembled including the top cover just so i can determine if i need to adapt my shelving. i don't mind poking out a corner of the tank from the shelf so i can do water changes and i can lift the tank onto another surface for heavy maintenance if necessary. Im really just interested if there is space for feeding without moving the tank.
    • Shrimp the world
      Tank looks really good mate ,well done ... nice prl
    • Shrimp the world
      I add 5-6cm thick layer of soil ... ADA is ok to use.. should give you a ph at mid 6 range... I find the more you add the longer the soil lasts and the stronger base of the water their is as their more soil to Buffer the water... the ph will no go lower will say at mid 6 on ada but will last longer the more you add to a tank so less time changing it over next time  thanks connor