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Completed project- Home of the tetras


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Just sharing a completed project.

Bought 12 tetras awhile back, 4 glowight tetras and 8 neon tetras.

Bought them for the purpose of creating a community tank(my very first tank- 16litre tank)

However, after reading more on the internet, i decided to remove them all as i did not want my bloody mary(@zoidburg, thanks for the id) shrimplets to become fish food.

So i put them in a holding tank for awhile, intending to set up a tank exclusively for them(41litre tank). This project however got delayed much further than i had planned as there were problems that arised from the main shrimp tank housing bloody marys and crystals.

Long story short, these tetras survived a bout of fin rot and some gill issues with seachem paraguard and today, they are in their new home.

I started the fishless cycle and waited for 2weeks, adding 2 dead shrimps to feed the bacteria and leaving it all there to decay.

Happy to see them in a better environment, pictures at the bottom. They are probably a little overwhlemed now but should perk right back once they become familiar with the new waterscape.



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