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Completed project- Home of the tetras

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Just sharing a completed project.

Bought 12 tetras awhile back, 4 glowight tetras and 8 neon tetras.

Bought them for the purpose of creating a community tank(my very first tank- 16litre tank)

However, after reading more on the internet, i decided to remove them all as i did not want my bloody mary(@zoidburg, thanks for the id) shrimplets to become fish food.

So i put them in a holding tank for awhile, intending to set up a tank exclusively for them(41litre tank). This project however got delayed much further than i had planned as there were problems that arised from the main shrimp tank housing bloody marys and crystals.

Long story short, these tetras survived a bout of fin rot and some gill issues with seachem paraguard and today, they are in their new home.

I started the fishless cycle and waited for 2weeks, adding 2 dead shrimps to feed the bacteria and leaving it all there to decay.

Happy to see them in a better environment, pictures at the bottom. They are probably a little overwhlemed now but should perk right back once they become familiar with the new waterscape.



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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Your Caridina should be fine with that PH, it may be the new substrate and setup causing it to be a bit lower than you expect but if my previous attempt is anything to go by it should creep up very slowly as the tank settles and matures! My prior tank setup started at PH5.5 and all was well, and the current setup is PH5 though the next colour change is PH6 so it could be anywhere between those figures???  Hope the berried female is still doing well, or has she had her babies yet? Babies will be microscopic and hide to start with. Simon
    • Steensj2004
      My PH seems to stay so low anymore. I float around 6-6.2 at all times now. That blows my mind. Not sure why, driftwood maybe?
    • Grubs
      The photo is not a DAS.  The only place I know that breeds DAS commercially is Aquagreen  for half that price.  https://www.aquagreen.com.au/catalog.html I do keep them and have bred them in the past but I don't have any excess at the moment.  I'm going to try and breed them again this summer.  They have marine larvae so are not easy but on the flip-side they live for 5 years or more and are hardy. The photo at that site looks to be a Paratya  which will also eat filamentous algae but not as voraciously as DAS.  My Paratya came in the mail from https://www.livefish.com.au/tropicals/shrimp-and-crays.html You can get them in local rivers but I find the ones from livefish do better in warmer tanks (Livefish are in QLD) - these breed in fresh water in your tank (easily).  
    • Crabclaw
      Oh no it’s magnetic... could be a problem with my magnet cleaner. Although, depending on the attraction I could just use the mag cleaner for the top 3/4 of the tank and get a scraper or something for the bottom.
    • Crabclaw
      Ooh I just found a sand that looks almost perfect, it even comes in the right package size for my tank. https://www.aquaticsupplies.com.au/products/pisces-iron-sand It’s another Pisces & Oliver Knott creation; AquaIron. Says it doesn’t alter the KH/GH/pH/TDS etc. Only problem is it says it should not be added to established tanks due to... cloudiness?? What do u think about this one?  Thanks again for your guys’ help!
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