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Completed project- Home of the tetras

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Just sharing a completed project.

Bought 12 tetras awhile back, 4 glowight tetras and 8 neon tetras.

Bought them for the purpose of creating a community tank(my very first tank- 16litre tank)

However, after reading more on the internet, i decided to remove them all as i did not want my bloody mary(@zoidburg, thanks for the id) shrimplets to become fish food.

So i put them in a holding tank for awhile, intending to set up a tank exclusively for them(41litre tank). This project however got delayed much further than i had planned as there were problems that arised from the main shrimp tank housing bloody marys and crystals.

Long story short, these tetras survived a bout of fin rot and some gill issues with seachem paraguard and today, they are in their new home.

I started the fishless cycle and waited for 2weeks, adding 2 dead shrimps to feed the bacteria and leaving it all there to decay.

Happy to see them in a better environment, pictures at the bottom. They are probably a little overwhlemed now but should perk right back once they become familiar with the new waterscape.



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    • kms
      Not trying to be funny, so you are say shrimp keeping is illegal in Australia as a hobby, I'm sure none of these crs is a native species of Australian waters where you can catch the locally.
    • ShrimpNewb
      So... because my LFS carries Sera products, I acquired some of their Shrimp Mineral Salt.  Haven't measured anything yet, but put enough to raise 5.3 gallons of water to Gh 6.5 and it dissolved instantly leaving a solution that looks like clear water.  Given that I've been using Seachem Equilibrium, which doesn't want to seem to dissolve much and makes a brown cloud in concentrated form, I am encouraged.  Will update with numbers once I make the water change.
    • jayc
      Nope, shrimp import is banned in Australia. Absolutely banned.
    • kms
      As jayc has mention, do check if you are allowed to import them into your country, I think Australia is ok as long as you applied for the paper work to import them, but do check first. But this option are for those who are after good quality shrimp with a guaranteed of pure bloodline. You can contact them through this email, they accept Paypal with a addition 7.5% on top, their Paypal account email is different, but email them first for relevant detail as they may differ from mine.  YU CRS CENTER CORP. <contact@yu-crscenter.com>   For me they cost with shipping and Paypal fee, its still cheaper them in Hong Kong. I will have to delay this purchase, ADA and the CALs Black Earth Premium substrate are limited now, most places does not have stock, and no delivery date.  
    • ShrimpNewb
      See, and I thought you meant weak solutions were just as susceptible.  So I should pre-mix my 7 gallon tank when I get the RO water and it will last the 4 weeks or so that I use it to change water just fine.  That's what I was after.  Apparently the Salty Bee guys think the same.  Makes sense.