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    • Steensj2004
      Update: 3 Red Crystals are mamas, all three are holding, although I’m not sure how far apart they berried, and in what order. Algae is gone, completely. Yay!!! I’ve started to increase and vary the diet for the herd. Today, Broccoli.
    • Zoidburg
      Ah... those shrimp. Hard to say what genetics are at play there, since they started with all red shrimp... not rilis or blues.
    • Chiquarius
      Cool. Thanks. I remembered I was inspired by a thread from Barbanatas on the forum showing pictures of their awesome red blue rilis that arose. Perhaps I was mislead thinking blue dreams would do this and blue Velvet is the line I should use. Well I have a new smaller tank I suppose I will use as my cull tank for this experiment and cull heavily. I think I’ll get one of those tank dividers to separate most of my mature blue dreams and red rilis, just to keep those genes separate.
    • beanbag
      I forgot to mention I use UNS controsoi, which is little balls around 2mm in size.  It probably grows a layer of biofilm because all my shirmp like to graze on it and roll the little grains over to pick at all side of it.  It is very easy to gravel vac and usually removes a bit of "mulm" (I think it's called that?) .
    • sdlTBfanUK
      It sounds like this tank is doing well which is good, I think shrimp only live 1.5 years (except amanos which are 5 years) so the blue bolt is probably nearing the end. From what I have read over the years, it is best to keep on top of trimming plants when you do each routine maintenance rather than do a big trim as that can cause an imbalance which can be disastrous, so I would trim it but only a bit each time until you get to where you want it! I'm not sure what the substrate is you have but I doubt you can gravel vac soil substrate very well anyway, I would maybe get a couple of snails? There are a few grasses that do much better with CO2 so hairgrass may be one of those, but if the shrimps disturb it anyway it  would probably be best and easiest to try some other plant. Maybe the extra moss from the tree you could make a moss pad? You could add any cull shrimps from other tanks to this tank when you get to that stage? Simon
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