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breeding Red oder Black Pinto Zebra/Fishbones

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Hello everyone and thx for adding!

I'm really new in holding Cardina, but I did inform me about keeping them.

I have 2x scapers Tanks, each 35l, with red bee sand and aquael pat mini filter. I use demineralized water by using mixed bed resin and gh+.

Now I'm interested in breeding pintos with different patterns.

Is it right, that I have to cross pure taiwan shrimps like King Kong, blue bolts, Black or Blue Shadow Mosura with CRS or tiger?

What about these "mishlings"? Could I use them, too? I read, that the percentage of fallen Taiwans is going down, if I use them.

I'm looking forward for your advices.

Sry for my "simple" english, I'm from Germany 🙂

greetz David

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Hello David,
I think that if nonody answers here because everything is well explained in the forum. Check the sticky’posts and youll find it.

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    • jayc
      Nope, shrimp import is banned in Australia. Absolutely banned.
    • kms
      As jayc has mention, do check if you are allowed to import them into your country, I think Australia is ok as long as you applied for the paper work to import them, but do check first. But this option are for those who are after good quality shrimp with a guaranteed of pure bloodline. You can contact them through this email, they accept Paypal with a addition 7.5% on top, their Paypal account email is different, but email them first for relevant detail as they may differ from mine.  YU CRS CENTER CORP. <contact@yu-crscenter.com>   For me they cost with shipping and Paypal fee, its still cheaper them in Hong Kong. I will have to delay this purchase, ADA and the CALs Black Earth Premium substrate are limited now, most places does not have stock, and no delivery date.  
    • ShrimpNewb
      See, and I thought you meant weak solutions were just as susceptible.  So I should pre-mix my 7 gallon tank when I get the RO water and it will last the 4 weeks or so that I use it to change water just fine.  That's what I was after.  Apparently the Salty Bee guys think the same.  Makes sense.
    • jayc
      I was talking about letting pure RO water sit around for too long unused.  Try not to do it.
      RO water that has been remineralised is different. 
    • jayc
      Oops did I mix them around?   <edit> - I did mix the names around. Fix it now in my post above.