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Tank Maintenance

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Up until now I have been doing weekly maintenance which includes rinsing the 2 sponges from the filter in the removed tank water. The past few weeks the rinsing of the sponges  turns the removed water (which is discarded anyway so not important) really really dirty/grimey. I changed one of the sponges in case that was part of the problem but that hasn't made any difference. The only thing that I can put this down too is that I am over-run with shrimps, so I may need to up my culling each week (2 at present).

The tank water looks fine and the parameters are still perfect/stable but I obviously need to do something.

I am thinking of rinsing the sponges half way between the weekly maintenance but don't want really to change anything in the tank that may cause a problem or stress, so I was considering getting 2 litres of TAPWATER (unfiltered but dechlorinated) to literally just squeeze the sponges in and then discard the water. Is this going to be safe for everything, bacteria etc, even though it is different water to the tank water - I would squeeze out as much of the then dirty tap water as possible before putting the sponges back in place in the tank so it shouldn't affect the water parameters/TDS etc as there won't be any changed water in the tank? 

The shrimps are breeding too well I guess so I am going to have to start culling more I guess, but that I will think about separately over the holiday period to start in the new year..........

All thoughts/advice will be gratefully received.


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The answer is upgrade your filtration to a canister filter. Clearly an air sponge is no longer enough.

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Thanks JayC, not sure I want to go that route (have looked at what my supplier has) as a bit too much involved, but I will mull that over the holiday period. I have 2 of the cheapie sponge types in the tank at the moment and I see dennerle do a 'hang on' type of filter but by the size of it I am not sure that will be any better (filter media can't be any bigger) than what I am already using? I guess it would be easier too keep the media clean as it isn't in the tank but that would come back to my original concern at using dechlorinated tap water to clean the media in????? A big unit is impractical as I don't have anywhere near the tank to keep it so would mean moving the whole tank etc, and thats not happening!

Tomorrow will be the half way between maintenance so I will probably try what I was proposing and just keep my fingers crossed that rinsing the sponges in dechloirnated tap water won't cause any problems with the sponges bacteria etc. I guess I shouldn't be too nervous about experimenting as I wouldn't have got this far without it? I will plan to up the culling in 2019 and hopefully that may also help! Friend is coming sunday so maybe I can give him a load to feed his fish..............


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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thanks for that. I put the substrate in the tank and I think that is exactly the depth. I need to add more water as only 6L in there at the moment but it does look too much soil to my eyes at the moment but that's probably just because I only had half that before and I just need to get used to it like that. I will half fill the tank (hopefully get that done today) ready to start putting the plants and decorations back in and then decide, but it is a great help to know that that is the depth others use and works ok! Thanks again shrimp the world. Simon 
    • Shrimp the world
      Yah idk if it would do heaps of added extra for a tank ... I would add more air via a pump before I spent $15 on the device 
    • jayc
      Don't know about effectiveness on breeding, but additional oxygen in the water can't go wrong. It's probably better for overcrowded tanks.
    • Aquathumb
      Any Update on the effectiveness of this on shrimp and breeding? 
    • CurleyJones321
      Id put in maybe a liter or 2 of water (1cm of water in the tank) and put in a couple handfuls of substrate at the base just to help, the other substrate to them cover it which will have the main contact with your water allowing for the buffering effects (and the colour difference if there is one wont be noticed).

      I currently have a small pipe heater in the current tank that i can use for the new one, that technically makes my new project cheaper because i now don't need 2. can i get dimensions of this thank fully assembled including the top cover just so i can determine if i need to adapt my shelving. i don't mind poking out a corner of the tank from the shelf so i can do water changes and i can lift the tank onto another surface for heavy maintenance if necessary. Im really just interested if there is space for feeding without moving the tank.