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"Rocky" issues

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Hello everyone!

So recently i got down to scape my 2nd tank. This time for hardscape i decided i was going to use rocks instead of driftwood.

As i had already a small inventory of rocks of different kinds from too many trips to the fish store(hands up people), i could not decide which ones to use! 

I learnt a lesson in the end to just stick with what you know to be safe and inert. Especially if the intended livestock for the tank are soft water lovers. 

Because the local fish stores that i patronize do not have correct labels of the rocks they sell, i had to experiment and research on them as much as i could. 

Most of the rocks look so similar and matching them to pictures on the internet proved to be more frustrating. 

So to use or not to use? Rule of thumb, if you are not too sure, dunk the rocks intended to use in a pail of water and test its ph, if it changes, dont use that. The vinegar test is a hit or miss.

I got too carried away looking at the beautiful scapes from ADA and went out to buy the same light grey coloured rocks only to find out that they can alter the ph by a ton. A fish store owner told me to ask for an exchange of those seiryu rocks i purchased from another store as he said his friend had the ph climbed to 9.4 in his 10gallon, just half a day with just one of that rock. 

Got my exchange thankfully but store ower was very displeased to do that:(



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Some of the rocks i had.
Light grey being either seiryu or sekyri rock, till now i cant be sure.
Reddish coloured rock is dragon stone. (Safer option)aeaeb81393562a7592674c77bfb8b7f6.jpg3524bf6aecf55258a3a1bf096f7dc2ee.jpg

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    • Crabby
      I used to keep guppies, blue dreams and tangerine tigers in a tank together. Guppies are gone now - I would get loads and loads of berried girls but never any shrimplets surviving! I would recommend against any fish with shrimp unless it is a catfish, or a very small fish like an endler, or microrasbora. My personal opinion though - in the end it's your tank, and you want to enjoy it. I will say that once I removed the fish, my shrimp became extremely active!!! It was so fascinating to watch them constantly on the move. I have since moved a pair of endlers in, and the shrimp activity has died down slightly, but it is so much better than a breeding group of guppies. Water params work well for TTS and Blue Dreams. Just gotta have a handle on it.  You might want to be careful on substrate though - TTS pop on black, but blue dreams are so hard to see. Contrary to that, blue dreams pop on white. I think white might work for TTS too, but plants look a bit yech on white. My favourite colour of substrate I've seen has been a light river sand - works not amazingly, but very well with all of them. A happy medium. The blue dreams and TTS together do look fantastic though. Really beautiful shrimp.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      The easiest and safest choice of shrimp with the dlue dream would be Tangerine Tiger (assumig you can get hold of some), they like similar water and are as easy to keep as neocaridina but the two don't interbreed and are  usually fairly reasonable in price! The contrasting colour will also make it interesting to look at. I've not tried tiger shrimp yet myself but with all the disruption here because of the virus its not a very good time to get shrimps through the post so I will hold off for now! As you say/know guppies are very curious fish and will get baby shrimps so you will want a densely planted tank with lots of hiding places if any of the baby shrimp are to survive. As you also say, it is a shame the guppies can't go in with the Betta as that would solve the shrimp problem, but guppies and Betta don't go well together - there is always some problem stopping you from getting everything as you would like in this hobby? If you can resist the temptation to get the guppies for a while it may be better so the tank can settle down and your shrimp can multiply and you get enough of a good size shrimp to give them a chance? There are always many problems that can arise with new tanks and new livestock so it would also make sense from that point not to do/add too much early on as well? If you plan to get the shrimp shipped then they usually send fairly small and young shrimps that way so bear that in mind! Also, of course, the shrimp will naturally hide a lot if they feel unsafe with too many preditors in the aquarium? Now the aquariums. I can't find a fluval spec, but the fluval flex I know and had a similar setup years ago with the equipment hidden in the back. It is very clean and tidy looking, however there are a few problems that can arise with small shrimp. There are slots top and bottom where the water is drawn in to the back, but these slots aren't shrimp safe, shrimp can get through, or even get drawn through when young. You will need to get some sponge to put behind these slots to make it shrimp safe, but not too fine as that will reduce the amount of water circulating through the back section. This is only important/needed with small shrimps like neocaridina, the amanos are way to big to need to do this? This extra sponge needs to be removable for squeezing during regular maintenance as it will otherwise get clogged/blocked. You will need to check the water level in the back regularly as it can drop dramarically, which could be a problem if the heater is in the back! I don't know the setup of the 'spec' aquarium as a search only showed small 10L tanks but they had the same type of filtration system as the flex. The flow for the betta may be able to be adjusted on the pump, mine was (though it didn't have a betta in it, just shrimps). You should be able to reduce the water disturbance also by pointing the outlets upwards and to the sides and that may be enough (hopefully). If these 2 aren't sufficient then you can cut a piece of sponge (again, not fine sponge) to cover the outlet (you can remove the standard flat end piece to make that easier). My betta tank has a spray bar and I have a sponge sleeve on that. Again though, keep a close eye on the water level in the back section though, mine dropped to half way at times (as the sponge gets clogged) even though the main tank level never dropped at all! Simon 
    • JLG
      Simon     You kind of nailed my plan on the head, I will be moving 6 of the Amanos with the betta and then do Cardinal tetras and most likely Harlequin Rasbora's. This will be a Fluval spec 16 gallon. Still need sort out the filtration return so the the current is to the Bettas liking  Im not too worried about mixing the Cardinal Tetras and Betta as they seem to keep him in check, but he's not gonna get to eat more of my poor little shrimp... My shrimp tank (15 gallon Fluval flex) will still have 10 Neon Tetras, 4 Guppies and 4 Amano and then I will stock with 30 blue Dream shrimp or do 10 / 20 if I can find another color that they will not cross breed with (not up on all of that yet)  I will add shrimp hides (already did b4 but the betta got his head stuck in one so I had to carefully break it off of him) and plenty of Java Moss and plant cover. I would really prefer not to have the guppies with the shrimp but already know that they cannot go with the Betta (whole different story)   Thanks for the input Simon its appreciated and if you are aware of any other little shrimps that I can mix with Blue Dreams and will not cross breed and also fall under caretaking "easy" please let me know and Thanks again  I got the Amanos when the driftwood spread fungus through out the tank they had it cleaned up in no time!! (So ya know what you mean about the white cotton like fungus_Yucky Muck)  This (what ever it was) was different and all of the shrimp became very reclusive. After they didn't respond to feeding for a day and I hadn't seen shrimp out and about for 48Hrs. Felt I had no choice but to Nuke the tank.   Thx again Simon & JayC  
    • jayc
      Limbs on shrimp/cray/prawns/lobsters will grow back. So just keep it fed well and it will recover slowly.
    • Deanosaw084
      Its fallen off now. So both his claws are gone now. Hopefully he will be ok 
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