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    • jayc
      One way of guaranteeing traits in the offspring is to separate and breed parents with the same trait you are looking for. If you let the shrimps just go free for all ... that is what you will get - free for all looking shrimp. This is one way of getting MTS (Multi Tank Syndrome), where new tanks suddenly appear out of thin air. You go from one tank to several without knowing what happened.
    • Gingerfrost
      So if you breed the more transparent cherry shrimps it'll become wild type. Is it at least a slight bit if chance to keep the stripe legs but keep the grade to go up?    I really do enjoy watching the shrimp with the stripe legs swim around. I think it's actually the most active preferring to ride the water currents.   Either way the leg stripes are pretty, anyway to keep them without going wild?
    • beanbag
      Neo shrimp seem to do ok in KH 0 water, but then seem to die off a few months later.  I would try to have even a little KH, like 1, or be sure to feed them enough mineral food.
    • Chels
      Absolutely. I'm researching how to keep the PH low enough to keep them happy rn. Even a buffering substrate + salty bee alone doesn't cut it, since they need a 5.5-6.7. I would need a lot of driftwood, very little plants (maybe just a tiny amount of floaters - salvina, not the dreaded duckweed), and a constant supply of botanicals for all of the tannins. Now I understand why all of the rare pinto breeders have such sparse tanks. I always wondered why they have so very little plants.  I'm wondering if the PH regulators would help.. though I'm sure it would somehow kill super sensitive caridina. I know a lot of people experience losses even with the right parameters, and spending $500 at a time on shrimp just to have them die under the perfect conditions isn't a deal breaker for me. I went through much of the same keeping finches. I had very rare color variations and I was always pretty much trying to keep them alive. Spending $1k at a time on breeding stock is a must. At one point I had a whole finch room with racks of cages, and larger aviaries in my living room. The only reason I stopped is when my brother died and everything kind of took a back seat to my grief. I prefer the challenge and keeping/breeding rare color variations is worth it. That's the best way imho to elevate any breeding hobby. With Flip Aquatics, they have a 30 day holding period for their imported + rare caridina variations. That is huge since imported shrimp tend to die for no reason (or many reasons) during that time frame according to everything I've read/watched. That's a giant leg up. There is also a breeder I just found nearby - The Grove Aquatics - with the rarer variations. If they can provide the same 30 day buffer or if they have tank bred then I'm in business with 2 different lines to start with. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have duckweed in one tank and I have tried several times to get rid of it but it keeps re-appering so I would recommend you avoid that. TheCaridina shrimp are a lot more difficult to keep so do lots of research before you start dwn that route, and be prepared for the fact it may not work even with the best attention and parameters/ Simon
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