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Nitrate levels in my shrimp tank

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Hi I'm new to keeping shrimp and I need some help with my nitrate levels 

I have bought a de nitrate to put into my filter, duckweed for the tank, and am using distilled water, but my nitrate levels are still really high. 

5 to 6 shrimp including 2 pregnant shrimp died last week, on average of 1 to 2 shrimp daily. The shrimp seems to be doing alright the past 2 or 3 days and no deaths so far but when i do the tests, the nitrate levels are still high. 

Anyone have any idea why? 

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1 hour ago, Aquaticauthur said:

the nitrate levels are still high. 

What reading do you get?

You might have a lot of gunk built up in the gravel. How old is the tank? Try vacuuming it with a gravel vac syphon.

Are you also feeding too much perhaps? Ammonia -> Nitrites -> Nitrates. Too much ammonia sources will generate more nitrates.

Also, what water are you using? Tap? Try testing your tap water for nitrates. That could be a source of the nitrates.

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Which filter? Whats the thickness of your soil? No plants except duckweed?

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      Yes, photos please.