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    • Aquahobby
      By Aquahobby
      Hey guyz, im cycling a 30l tank to get some rcs in it. The tank is almost cycled and im thinking of getting them next week. 
      I have tested the water and the kH is at 9 and ph is 7 (i have yet to buy a gh test as i bought the jbl pack and didnt realise it does not include gh). I have read about parameter for neo carodina and they say that the hardier the water the better. But i have also read that the water can be too hard which will make it hard for them to molt.
      What would you recommend for the parameters ? And how much should i start as a basic colony? 
    • GotCrabs
      By GotCrabs
      Hi all, haven't really been on for awhile due to life's challenges that get thrown our way from time to time but have thought I would jump on and ask for some suggestions on the following.
      My Mum has a bright red Betta that she adores and it's currently in a 12g that I use to keep all my shrimp in, well the Betta took care of them all and I'm in the process of making it back into a shrimp only tank with just Anubias on driftwood and Moss, so I am after some suggestions for an all in one nano set up for a Betta, I've looked on eBay and haven't found anything I really like or should I say trust that won't break as some look quite cheap and would like to buy her something decent that will do the job well, checked out the Fluval Chi but think the lighting is quite poor though, so think that's out of the question also.
      Anyway, if anyone could give me some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    • Zebra
      By Zebra
      So today while visiting a friend who works at my local fish shop I could help but buy a couple of Bettas they had there, we've been talking lately about Bettas they plan to breed. 
      I've got them in they 5-bay I sumped over my shrimp tank till I set them up a better tank, lol.

    • Serra
      By Serra
      Hi all,
      I'm not sure if anyone will see this, but I'll give it a try!
      I'm currently having some issues with my male Plakat that is 10 months old.
      I have a 20 liter tank, heated, with a 30cm pro z led light.
      The tank used to be scaped but he began to look unwell. We have another empty tank so I had him in there for about a week and he got better. Basically I've been putting him back and forth between tanks until I ended up taking everything out and he had a bare bottom tank with some rocks anubias and moss. This has gone well for about a month but yesterday he appears for a better word, lethargic. He seems to be spending a lot of time towards the top of the tank.
      This is becoming highly frustrating as I am more than happy to have a nice landscaped tank for him but he doesn't seem to like it.
      The ph is around 7.2
      All water tests have been very low as I give him a small amount of fresh waster daily. I've tried straight tap with Prime, RO with equilibriam and a mix of both. There are always IAL in the tank also.
      Any thoughts/help/comments would be greatly appreciated!
    • Jarhead9506
      By Jarhead9506
      Hi all :) Just wondering im new to SKF and shrimp keeping and ive got a small 6gal tank setup with fluval stratum substrate, a sponge filter and heater, looking to keep cherry red shrimp and was thinking okay ive got a api water test kit that tests the PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels but where or what do you use to find out the other important values like GH, KH and TDS? First post still new to forums in general so if i did something wrong please dont kill me haha :P thanks guys :D
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    • Steensj2004
      Tank doing great! Have a few Neos in the tank now from a friend who culled them. I’m counting 8-10 females berried, with several ready to drop any day based on when I first saw them berried!
    • wtusa1783
      Thanks. I bought the female berried. I want to start up a new tank for each I guess. Thanks for the help 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      If they are orange neocaridina (most likely) they will cross breed and with time will lose the red or orange as they revert to wild type. If the orange was berried when you got her she should have orange offspring (assuming she mated with another orange). Having said that even having only one colour will revert to wild if you don't remove poorly coloured offspring regularly, I have that problem with my red cherrys as I didn't cull for years and they are probably 80% wild now (5 years), and that makes life difficult because they are hard to see when  they are brown or clear? If your orange mated with one of your reds then you may get good colour offspring but you are on that downward spiral as the genes get mixed/diluted. If you bought the orange already berried you can put that in a separate new tank for just the orange, if you are prepared to get a separate tank for each colour, but if the berried orange mated with your red shrimps those shrimplets could be any colour (they may still be red or orange) but it is going to be more complicated. The main thing to decide at this stage is do you want to keep them in separate tanks or all mixed, but if you go the route of separate tanks for each colour you will still need to keep removing poor quality shrimps to maintain the colour long term! Hope this makes sense? Simon
    • wtusa1783
      O ok. They are the Sakura then? From my own research the Sunkist are neos. They are orange neos that’s what I know. Yes the female is berried. So what would happen with the orange Sakura and cherry?
    • jayc
      Was the Sunkist already berried when you got it? If that was the case, then the offspring would still be sunkist shrimp (ie. if you were successful raising the Sunkist offspring). Sunkist larvae apparently need brackish water conditions. Note: Sunkist are generally of the Caridina genus (Caridina cf. Propinqua). There is a Neocaridina genus called Orange Sakura.  So assuming the LFS has labelled the shrimp correctly then there is a lower chance of interbreeding. But people make a very common mistake of using the Sunkist and Orange Sakura name interchangeably and messing things up. But if that "Sunkist" shrimp somehow mated with the Red Cherry shrimp, then you would get diluted genetics, and some offspring would carry genetics of both Sunkist and Cherry. That means the offspring will be of poor quality eventually leading back to the wild type look.    Maybe a picture or two of what you have would help. Close up side shot of the shrimp please.    I'm going to borrow a pic from the interwebs (credits to whoever the original photographer is). The Sunkist (caridina) has a slight hump in it's back with distinctive white or red stripes. The hump is similar to Ghost shrimps. Notice the colour is a lot more transparent.   The Orange Sakura is more uniform in colour. Good quality varieties are less transparent than the Caridina Sunkist.   Of the two, the Sunkist is the rarer find.   Hope that helps.
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