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    • greysmithy
      By greysmithy
      Hello guys,
      I am curios how a cross-breed would look like between the galaxy pinto and the TB.
      Does anyone here have a picture of the cross-breed? I would love to see how they look.
      I have looked every  were but can't find anything about them.
      Kind regards,
    • Karoluks
      By Karoluks
      Feeling that i have enough experiance to start with taiwan bee colony. Think about new setup for 20-25 taiwan bees.
      What mix with KK`s you guys prefer/offering?
      Now i`m thinking KK + R Rubies, maybe some pintos. Looking forward your ideas :)
    • Shrimp Farm
      By Shrimp Farm
      Hello guys.
      I'd like to share some of my Pinto mix. Hope that U like them. Plis tell me aswell should I start as a part of my chanel english version :)
    • hihat
      By hihat
      I got some nice specimen from my mix-aquarium with TB's, pinto's, taitibees etc, etc, The first 2 photos (I think) must be a mix from a pinto zebra and a kingkong, The red one is probably a red tiger and the same father? I've got 2 of the  blacks and about 10 of the red ones, I have put them apart from the rest and see what the next genereation will be. Sorry for the quality of the photo's, they're just from my iPhone, the macrolens I ordered hasn't arrived yet :-(
      Greetings from the Netherlands

    • cipas
      By cipas
      Hey guys,
      Does anyone breed blue bolts from mischlings ? I've searched for a guide but didn't find one, read a lot about crossbreeding and soon I want to start a project to produce my own blue bolts.
      I need your advices on this.
      Thank you! 
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    • sdlTBfanUK
      I use an American Filter jug by ZEROWATER to get RO water. This is obviously the easiest route for you as it is available everywhere in the USA (Walmart etc) and you just use tap water and will be much cheaper there as it is an American product, they have a USA website you can get details and buy from as well? I then mineralise the water with the usual shrimp products! I hope this is of some help but I don't use canister filters so can't help you with the rest unfortunately! Simon
    • Chiquarius
      Hello shrimpkeepers, I decided to get a canister filter and keep a fry screen on the intake. I have yet to set up. I also set up simple PVC pipe water bridges. It was so simple. Thanks for the idea! im hoping that the water displacement from the canister filter’s intake and output tubes (each in separate tank) will move water and temperature through the pipes by balancing the water levels.
    • Chiquarius
      Thanks sdiTBfan, I’m setting up a one gallon tank for the nerites with my daughter. We’re going to slowly add a bit of reef salt each week and monitor gravity levels. We’ll see if they breed and hatch. if they do, I hope the First Bites fish food will work for them. I’ve read the snail larvae like fish food and especially Artemis/diatoms, things baby fish like. I’m a little worried because I saw copper as one of the nutrients. Perhaps too negligent an amount for damage, but I don’t think I should be feeding any copper to snails! If anybody know I’d any great snail larvae food, please let me know.
    • Chiquarius
      Hello, I am currently keeping and breeding a variety of neocardinia species, snails, crawfish, and Cory catfish (across different tanks). All being very hardy, they have been lucky to survive my TDS negligence, as I’ve only recently gotten a TDS pen. I live in Chicago where the water is pretty hard and a TDS read of my high quality tap filter’s water output is around 160 (before I let it dechlorinate- not sure I’d this makes a difference). Additionally, I obviously have to mineralize this to get to the right KH/GH levels. I’ve got current levels between 250-300+. I would like to raise Caridina species but first need to dramatically lower TDS. I’ve bought a lot of R/O water by the gallon; such a waste of money and plastic. I sell the shrimp, but worry that if I buy R/O water for every water change, it will turn into a money pit. I also bought a canister filter since vacuuming the gravel was always laborious and disastrous, in part thinking with certain filter medium I could reduce TDS. I’m not sure that was accurate. Does anybody know if I can use the canister to filter out dissolved solids somehow? Has anybody heard of any cheap DIY/marketed inline filter that I could add to the canister to help? (like the one my furnace humidifier uses, lol) I could also get an R/O buddy filter, but that’s expensive and I’m not sure how often I’d have to pay for replacement filters with my local TDS levels. Curious to heat anyone’s thoughts?  
    • Steensj2004
      Oh, I do have some people/ friends wanting to buy, but I can’t with a clear conscience sell/trade until I’m sure they are 100% healthy. Also, I need to rebuild the population first. I don’t mind any color babies. I know I’ll get a broad mix, but I don’t care. I’m not looking for a pure line, anyway.    I have no plans to change the treatment regimen at this point, aka add any new treatments.     As far as the Galaxy Rasboras, it won’t HURT to get some. Yours might act differently than mine. And if the population is growing and you have good hiding places, you should be ok. It doesn’t take long for the babies to be too big for them to consume. 
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