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Coloured Ramshorn snails

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Usually I know snails become a massive pest in tanks, and believe me I have had my battles with them. However I do get the odd red Ramshorn cropping up in my tanks and last night I found one that had a very definant purple tint to it. I know overseas people get pink, blue and even yellow ramshorns but I wondered has anyone in Australia actually set out to breed a particular colour in them? Do you think people would be interested in purple or red ramshorns ? I also have what I have always considered common pale brown almost amber ramshorns with leopard spots on their shells. I actually quite like the orange bands on the snails shell on the red snails.







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Panda Shark

Hey resurrecting an old thread while researching ramshorns. Absolutely love the color on the purple one! Did you attempt to breed that color? How did it go? 

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Knowing @Baccus, he probably has a thousand of them by now.

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    • kms
      The tanks are only 16L, for it to reach 31c, it isn't hard.
    • jayc
      Sorry to hear that.  Wow, the temperature must have been very hot for the water to get to 31degC.  
    • kms
      It's room temperature, during the past week Hong Kong has become an oven. I will get another water cooler before I start again. The 3 shrimps seems to be doing well for the past 11 hrs.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Well, what can I say, de ja vu, was it a heater malfunction or just ambient room temperature? I wouldn't hold out too much hope for the 3 survivors either if my experience was anything to go by - but I will keep my fingers crossed they survive! Really sorry to hear the news and if anyone can feel your pain that would be me. Hopefully you can just remove the cooked shrimps and start again without having to go through the whole process of re-setting up the tank and cycling from scratch like I am? Hope everything is going well with the old tank. The shops sound similar to ours in old towns, they started as houses and then get divided to shops street level and basement and the upper floors are either offices or residential. Simon  
    • kms
      update, some upsetting new, all shrimps except 3 has died in the new tank, as the water in the tank went upto 31 celcius, the other 3 was half dying, I put them into the old tank, and seem to be ok for now.