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Once a male red cherry, now a blue cherry?

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Okay guys, I’ve had him for 2 month now and a week ago I culled some shrimps into my other tank because others weren’t red enough or near transparent.


Yesterday I checked and noticed a blue hue in the tank and took notice of this one individual and placed him into a box to observe. He definitely has some red just on his head but his whole body is turning blue.


Is this possible?





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Could be stress, trying to blend in, genetics or diet.

Some shrimp do turn blue when the lights are off, or if the tank is basically black water. I've also seen some shrimp turn blue from stress.

Genetics wise, there are blue bodied red rilis and blue bodied carbon rilis which could indicate that maybe that shrimp has that gene?

Diet? I've seen shrimp turn green from diet, but not blue.... wouldn't rule it out as a possibility though...

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Ruling out lighting, as ive been observing for a few days at different times of the day when light was on


I feed my shrimps a mix of spirulina wafers, spinach, Hikari shrimp cuisine so I don’t think it’s diet as all shrimps display an even deeper red especially when spirulina is fed to them


Possibly genetics as far as I can see, it has a undergone of blue sort of like a blue body red rilli


This little guy’s been like this colour for a week now, where as the others have attained their colours again. Could be stress?


Pics for reference next to a shrimp into the box from the tank





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Blue and red. She's looked like this since I got her.


Here's one of her offspring that is also blue and red.


Other offspring of the same girl. They have super random markings.


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      Mine would be 1. PRL 2.PBL 3. Blue bolts 4. German pintos 5. SCR 
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      Always try and look on the bright side! It does look more golden bee than red bolt but that may be because I HAD some stunning red bolts to compare it against. You may have been better off buying it at the slightly higher price as you would then have all the babies as well, assuming all went well of coarse when you transferred her on purchase. As you say, you know it is female!  Simon
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      The photo don't show the true colors, its more of a orange color, and at the shop a week ago, it had berries, they wanted to charge me 10 USD, I didn't take it, and now it hasn't any eggs I got it for 6 USD.   At least I know it's a female.
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