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AquaOne IPX8

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Has anyone used a fixed temp tank thermometer by Aqauone 50W? I got one and am thinking of using it in a 20L tank but its set to 25 degrees cel and I am worried it may be over kill on such a small tank, I really don't want to have another cooked shrimp experience that my red cherrys suffered a few months ago thanks to a malfunctioning heater.

The tank is set up in a car shed so cement floor, tin walls and roof with no insulation the light is just a small LED hang on light so it doesn't generate a great deal of warmth for the tank and the light is off at night any way which is the main time the tank is going to cool down anyway. It also has a small internal submersiable filter which may generate some heat but not enough I think to warm the tank when any real cool/ cold weather finally hits us.

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Use this Digital temperature controller with the heater.



Theoretically, you could use any cheap and nasty heater with it safely. Reliance on the cheap heater's controls shift to the digital temp controller, so there is less risk of cooking your pets. The heater can be a disposable commodity now. Replace with another cheap heater as the old one dies. An alarm will go off and it cuts power to the heater, if the temp goes outside your set range. Can be used for cooling as well.

Handy little piece of equipment to have. 

I'm about to buy one myself. I'm sick of buying expensive heaters only for it to malfunction like the cheapo units I used to have.

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    • jayc
      It sounds about right for GH6 (6 drops is roughly 120 TDS). Those GH test kits are not the most accurate. And RO water reading of 3 is not unreasonable. I don't know why you would have been reading 240TDS last week and now it's a 100 points lower. I would suggest, not changing water parameter with a water change for a week, then see where it is at. Change if it gets close to 200 (say around 180-190). Let's give the tank some stability by not changing anything for a while.
    • supermansteve32
      I checked my TDS meter and it reads 3 on RO water and today my TDS in my tank is 133. I did a test with API and it took 6 drops so that's around 100 TDS.  I had 2 adolescents die overnight.  Should I only change water when it's over 200 TDS or should i continue with the 10% every week?  Thanks
    • supermansteve32
      I'll check it when I get off work tonight. I'll check my reader against pure RO water & tap, and do a GH test.  I'll also clean my TDS meter.  Thanks for your help everyone. 
    • beanbag
      If u have a GH test kit, then u can do a cross check, where each GH value in RO water made with SS equals about 20 ppm, e.g. GH 6 water will give you about 120 ppm.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Are you sure the new reading is correct as that sounds unlikely, and I would have thought you would have had shrimps dying  with that sort of decrease. Do you have a second way of checking the TDS, or can you take a sample to a fish shop for them to test? I can't think of any reason that would happen or even heard of that before? Even if you had put pure RO water in last water change it wouldn't have dropped that far! If it is currently the TDS113 it will make adjusting easy as you just mix the water to the desired end TDS figure (140ish) and it will slowly go up to that. Simon