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10 years of breeding


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Approximately  10 years ago I got for my husband two rather nice blue male guppy's with but quite pale and females with faint blue tails but no body colour. Only a couple of times in the early breeding of the blues did we add the odd other female we came across in local pet shops with good blue and rarely any more males. But now keeping in mind that the breeding has only been planned in the sense that any undesirable fish have been removed and the desired ones are all together in one large tank breeding with who ever they want, I think the fish the tank is producing are stunning.

Rather interestingly the first undesired colour to usually turn up in the offspring is blue/ black body with red tail closely followed by what I call snake skin (because of their swirly patterns over their body) and are usually a greeny yellow or faint (I call ghost) blue. Then there are the purple and pink ones that also turn up.

Sadly up here when people see the guppies we have they want them but expect them to be cheap ($1 or less) or free afterall "they are only guppies and I can catch them in the creek", so we have two very colourful and active tanks. One with blue guppies and one with a rainbow of colours.






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Some of the culls from the breeding program.

The little pink looking male actually has when zoomed in on his tail what looks like 3 peacock feather tail eyes. Or perhaps little opals.

Most of the males in these pictures are only still young, when they mature a bit more they will have tails like the old blue boy in the last pic.









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