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My oxydator A, as been in my tank 24hrs and I see no bubbles what so ever yet on you tube they show bubbles in their thousands. Do i have a problem oxydator? Or do some give off  bubbles and some don't, I have the two catalist in with 6% hydrogen peroxide 

Cheers richie 

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2 hours ago, richiep said:

Do i have a problem oxydator?

Mine doesn't give off bubbles after a while. 

So I don't think yours has a problem in particular. It might be giving off bubbles too small to see.

If anyone else has any ideas, please chime in.

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    • Zoidburg
      Coming from a pet bird keeping hobby, I can easily back up what jayc said about imports.... not only can you not import animals, you can't export them either. The *ONLY* exception may come between New Zealand and Australia. Some animals can be moved between those two countries. Otherwise though, import and exportation for both countries is banned. I live in the USA.
    • ShrimpNewb
      Thanks, Simon.  I am a shrimpnewb after all.  My tank has pretty much zero evaporation - it's weird, but it seems to have something to do with not running a heater and the water temperature being the same as the room.  I'm just planning to switch over to the shrimp focused mineralizer with water changes over time.  I'll update the TDS differences I assume will be there.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      This has got rather long and involved, interesting though! Just wanted to remind you that topping up tanks from evaporation will still need pure RO water (not mineralised) though so you will need to keep some Pure RO water aside for that. Simon
    • ShrimpNewb
      Oh, yes.  Live and learn.  This is, as my wife keeps telling me, a science project.
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      thanks for detailed information, it's a shame you can't get any of the new variations, btw my pinto has berries, first time for me as a beginning.