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DIY Automated Water Quality Monitor and Changing

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Ok, so here is an interesting post for those interested in automating your fish room...


The idea would be to automatically detect water parameters and adjust by triggering water changes from standby R.O. reserves.

Check out the parts list included in the blog post:

+ PH Sensor Meter
+ ORP Sensor Meter
+ Conductivity Meter
+ Temprature Sensor
+ Turbidity Sensor ( Measures particles in the water )
+ Liquid Level Sensor
+ Oxygen Sensor

The ideas are starting to flowing...

Maybe it's not too late to get these parts on the 2017 Aquatic Holiday Wish List!


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    • Perry
      G'day Simon, Thank you for your reply. I cannot understand why if Java Moss is so quick and easy to grow.  It is expensive to buy. I already have Red Cherry & Blue Cherry Shrimps. I am soon going to get some Yellow ones.The Substrate I have is Black Sand and ADA Amazonia. I also placed small walnut size stones in one corner so that the shrimps can hide. Cheers Perry
    • Perry
      O KGot it thank you Perry
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Hopefully you will get the new shrimps later this week, exciting stuff! They grow fairly quickly! The babies will feed off the sponge so it doesn't surprise me to hear they like it there. Pleased to hear it is going so well! Simon
    • Steensj2004
      The babies are showing up more and more, they really  like to hang out on the tiny driftwood on the right side, under the sponge filter. I’ve been using your suggestion, and using my pipettes to blow some of the Baby Shrimp, Shrimp Fit into that area when dosing the Glasgarten mixture. The shrimp have not yet arrived, this place doesn’t ship overnight, and the were shipped yesterday. The galaxies my buddy ordered on this order were still in quarantine until yesterday, so it delayed shipping. However, I will give this fish supplier  credit, as I’ve never had a casualty from them from anything I’ve ordered, and they throw in plenty of spares( 2-3 on average). They also offer a DOA refund policy. I anticipate them being here Friday or Saturday. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Have the new shrimps arrived yet? Hope you are still seeing plenty of  baby shrimps! Simon
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